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    MongoDB Tutorial

    Benefits and limitations of MongoDB


    Following are the benefits of MongoDB

    • Load Balancing
    • Sharding
    • Flexibility
    • Speed
    Load Balancing

    If you are having a large set of data that you need to process then you can distribute the traffic amongst different machines with the help of load balancing.

    It helps the user in a way that you can continue your work even if one of the nodes/machines has stopped working due to some reason. The other nodes will keep the work in a continuation and your processing will not stop.


    With the help of sharding, we can do horizontal scaling. Which is not possible with the help of a relational database. By using this method, we can distribute data across different machines.

    We make shards of the data that we are having with ourselves and then we try to make the processing task a bit easy.


    It does not require data structures, that are unified in nature across all the objects that are being used. This makes it easier to use MongoDB. With the help of dynamic schema, it is very easy to use MongoDB.


    MongoDB can fast and easy process the data. But this is valid up to your data is in document format. We can say that it’s speed automatically increases as it is handling a large amount of unstructured data within seconds which feels like magic.

    Limitations of MongoDB

    Following are the limitations of MongoDB

    • Usage Memory
    • No Joins
    • Still under Development
    Usage of Memory

    As we know that MongoDB stores the key name along with every document so it is obvious that it will consume a large amount of memory. And as joins are also not possible so it becomes very difficult to work with duplicate data.

    No Joins

    As we apply joins very easily in the relational database very easily, it is not possible to apply joins in MongoDB. So if you want to apply joins in it, then you will have to write many complex queries to perform join operation over here.

    Still Under Development

    SQL was developed in the 1980s, and MongoDB just emerged in 2009. So due to this reason, MongoDB is not yet fully documented or tested and does not have total support from the experts of it.

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