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    Introduction to Management Information System

    What is MIS?

    MIS stand for “Management Information System”. The objective of management information systems (MIS) is to gather information from several of resources and generate information that can help businesses to grow.The use of MIS , human, and business operations to gather, maintain, and analyze data to provide information for executives can implement to improve day-to-day operations is known as management information systems (MIS).

    Why we use MIS?

    An Management Information System (MIS) can play a key role in providing specific support to an organization strategy in achieving a goal through efficient and scalable processing, and MIS will provide a lot of information, making it a much more profitable investment. However, only this details can transform the organization’s dangerous behavior.

    Online banking and online insurance systems, management of educational facilities, mobile customer relations, and online competitive examinations are only a few examples of MIS that have offered success of the company in the government, and also the corporate sector.

    It help to provide following type of information to companies:

    • Describing information, sometimes known as “what is,” is information that explains what something is.
    • Information about diagnostics or “what’s wrong”
    • Information that is predicted or ‘what if’
    • Information that is prescriptive, or information that tells you what you should do.

    Objective of Management Information System

    • Data Collecting:

      MIS collects data from a wide range of diverse sources, whether manually or electronically via work stations.

    • Data Processing:

      For transformation data, the obtained data passes through several of processes such as computation, sorting, categorization, and summarizing.

    • Stored Information:

      Information is kept in the MIS, either processed or unprocessed, for further use by preserving it as an organizational record. The information can also be used right away.

    • Information Extraction:

      MIS retrieves information from its storage in response to requests from various users.

    • Data information sharing:

      The final outcome of MIS is information, which would be equally available to all users inside the enterprise. It is done on a regular basis or by using a work station.

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