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    Difference between MIS VS DSS

    The Decision Support System (DSS) is an integrated, adaptable computer-based information service or sub-system designed to assist decision – making in identifying and solving problems, completing decision process activities, and making decisions using communication protocols, info, and documentation.

    The three principles of a management information system (MIS) are administration, data, and technology. These are described in the next sections.

    1. Management: Management is the process of getting things done in functionally established groups by working together as well as through others.
    2. Information: Data that has a framework and a significance, whereas data is basic facts about such an item.
    3. System: A collection of interconnected components that operate together again to achieve a shared objective within a clearly defined boundaries.

    A management information system (MIS) is a computer-based system which makes data accessible to people that have comparable requirements.

    Difference between MIS and DSS

    Management Information System Decision Support System
    The fundamental function of management information systems (MIS) is to identify information requirements. DSS’s main responsibility is to protect the public. Develop some instruments to aid in the decision-making process.
    The main focus of MIS is effectiveness. The efficiency of DSS is discussed heavily.
    Business database formats are used in MIS. Special database formats are used by DSS.
    Data storage is extremely important in MIS. The main focus of DSS is computational modeling.
    The computer has become a part of MIS’s dependency. DSS is heavily reliant on computers, which are in turn reliant on choosing between alternatives.
    Indirect data access is given via MIS. Management of the DSS has immediate access.
    Control is the most common application of MIS. DSS is mostly used for organizing, scheduling, and decision-making.
    Suppliers or information professionals construct it. It is generated by individuals on their own or in collaboration with specialists.
    It consists of middle-level, bottom-level, and occasionally senior-level executives. It is made up of analysts, experts, and managers.
    It emphasizes on the processing of data. It emphasizes on decision-making and analysis.

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