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    Decision Support System (DSS)

    A decision support system is a type of system that assists in the decision-making procedure but does not necessary make a choice. Decision Support Systems (DSS) are a type of software application that assists in the making of corporate and organizational decisions.

    The Decision Support System (DSS) is an information system application that aids in decision-making. The Decision Support System (DSS) is being used to prepare and analyze options. DSS varies mostly from typical information systems in which each DSS is separate from the others and is customized to managers’ needs.

    It is part of the organization’s MIS, even if it is only used by management. A DSS is created for a certain managerial activity or challenge, and its application is restricted to that work or difficulties. Strategic leadership and strategy implementation managerial level are typically served by decision support systems.

    A well-designed DSS is a software-based excellent feature that assists decision – making in compiling relevant information from the raw data, documentation, specific observations, and/or business strategies in order to determine and make effective decisions.

    As previously stated, DSS is an adaptation of the Hebert Simon model, which contains three phases.

    • Designing.
    • Decision.
    • Understanding.

    The DSS primarily assists in the knowledge stage of the data system, in which the goal is to identify the challenge and then proceed to the design process for a solutions. The selection process differ from one situation to the next.

    As a result, it is necessary to repeat these phases until a good solution can be found. Within three-phase process that follows, you can employ investigation, research, frameworks, and a financial accounting to arrive at a reasonable

    These systems are useful when the business owner requires complicated data modification and the application of many techniques to arrive at an acceptable outcome using various analysis approaches. The web – based decision support aids decision-making as well as performance monitoring. In the event of customizable decision situations, DSS can be constructed from around rule. The parameters are not predefined or static, as well as the user has to go through the decision-making process as described in Herbert Simon’s model each time.

    For the DSS there are some characteristics also that are using in DSS:


    • DSS need to be highly adaptable.
    • The DSS must be responsive and simple to use.
    • Effective implementation must always be managed.
    • Decision-makers have full control.
    • End users will find it simple to customize (modifications to meet their needs and external conditions).
    • DSS have Analysis and design are supported.
    • It have Availability of information.
    • It is Web-based, portable, and integrated.

    Advanced Characteristics:

    • In semi-structured and unorganized challenges, decision makers can get help.
    • All levels of management should be supported.
    • Different individuals should be supported.
    • Assistance for selections that are interconnected or progressive.
    • Assist information, layout, decision-making, and execution.
    • Represent a large range of decision-making procedures and approaches.

    DSS consists of a databases, a modelling basis, and software that allows a management to engage in interactive discourse. The database’s data is made up of source documents and data from other sources. The second part of DSS is a collection of models that may be used to alter and evaluate data in various ways.

    The interface design is the third dimension, via which the client can interact with the DSS. The physical interface is typically an interface that connects to the centralized server straightforwardly or by telecommunication. In terms of computational power, DSS distinguishes itself from MIS. DSS analyzes understanding, whereas MIS created a sense to transform it into documentation.

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