Microsoft Dynamics Interview Questions and Answers

Q1- What is Microsoft Dynamic CRM?

Microsoft Dynamic CRM is Customer Relationship Management software developed by Microsoft. It is one of the most popular CRM tools available in the market to enhance the customer relationship of any organization. Microsoft Dynamic CRM’s major features mainly focus on marketing, sales and customer services areas. The XRM platform of Microsoft Dynamics would allow multiple types of customization to this software.

Q2- What is Plug-in?

The Plugin is defined as a custom business logic that can be installed in Microsoft Dynamics CRM to make customizations or to enhance the standard behavior of the platform. Plugins help in handling various events and each plugin executes a specific event. In other word the plugin are written in VB or C# can run an asynchronous or synchronous mode.

Q3- What is Workflow?

The primary role of workflow is to automate the various simple and complex functionalities in CRM. There are two ways to create CRM functionalities: one is out of the box functionalities and the other is for automating complex functionalities by writing custom workflows using .NET code. Workflow process can be run either in real-time or background. We can also say, Workflow can be triggered based on specific events or conditions or events can be done by the users. The window workflow Foundation is internally used in CRM to implement workflows.

Q4- Explain the difference between the Workflow and Dialogues?

Workflow refers to the Asynchronous process and requires no user input. It is background process whereas dialogue works based on the asynchronous process and a user needs to give input.

Q5- What is E-mail router in Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

E-mail Router is a software Application and it creates an interface between Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment and the organization’s messaging system. This component is needed to install and configure in the supported environment. After completion of the installation and configuration process of the E-mail, Router transfers the incoming emails to Microsoft dynamic platform and sends the outgoing message created by various users and systems.

Q6- What is unmanaged Solution?

An unmanaged solution can be defined as a collection of customizations unmanaged in nature. It is worthwhile to note that customized solution unmanaged in nature and its components may be interrelated with some unmanaged solutions. One can export a solution as a managed solution. Moreover, the customizations cannot be rolled back once they are imported into CRM.

Q7- What Is Data Export Service And What Is Its Scope?

The ability to replicate Dynamics 365 data to an external SQL database provides a lot of flexibility for generating reports. Data Export is an add-on service made available as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) solution that adds the ability to replicate Dynamics 365 (online) data to a Microsoft Azure SQL Database store in a customer-owned Microsoft Azure subscription. The supported target destinations are Microsoft Azure SQL Database and Microsoft Azure SQL Server on Microsoft Azure virtual machines. Data Export intelligently synchronizes the entire Dynamics 365 schema and data initially and thereafter synchronized on a continuous basis as changes occur (delta changes) in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) system. It can only transfer data from CRM online to Azure SQL or Azure VM.

Q8- What Is the Use Of“”?

Xrm.Mobile.offline namespace is used to create, retrieve, update and delete records in Dynamics 365 for phones and Dynamics 365 for tablets while working in the offline mode. These new client APIs will work only if you are in the offline mode and for entities that are enabled for mobile offline synchronization.

Q9- What Is Server-to-server Authentication?

Use server-to-server (S2S) authentication to securely and seamlessly communicate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online & on-premises) with your web applications and services. S2S authentication means you don’t need to use a paid Dynamics 365 user license when you connect to Dynamics 365 tenants. There is no license fee for the special application user account you will use with S2S authentication. With S2S authentication a special Dynamics 365 unlicensed application user account is created and includes information about your application registered with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). Rather than user credentials, the application is authenticated based on an application user identified by an Azure AD Object ID value which is stored in the Dynamics 365 user record. The Dynamics 365 application user is associated with a security role which controls the kinds of data and operations the application is allowed to perform.

Q10-What Is A Task Flow And How It Can Be Used?

You can also design a type of business process flow called a task flow in Dynamics 365 for phones or Dynamics 365 for tablets based on common tasks your users perform. For example, if they need to regularly perform a series of follow-up steps after client meetings, create a task flow. When users tap the new task in their mobile app, it will lead them through from start to finish so they don’t forget an important step.

Q11- Define the Execution Model Related To Event Pipeline?

This solution should be precise and to the point. It is interesting to note that the Dynamics platform leverages on the Plugins that are emphasized on an execution model. It can also be defined as a model of execution which often explains the way a Plugin has been created on the platform of CRM. The message also comprises of the entity information about the business as well as the information related to core operation. The signal passes through the pipeline of event execution in the way it can be assessed by the core operation platform. It can also be changed by any registered Plugins. It is also one of the most asked questions in an interview.

It is also worthwhile to note that the pipeline of event is segregated into various stages of that five can be registered on 3rd party Plugins and custom information. Quite interestingly, the multiple Plugins that are expressed at each step and the one that are further ordered within that scene of Plugin registration can also be accessed.

Q12-What Is A Workflow?

Workflow facilitates the atomization of the documents, information and tasks pass from one user to the customers. Moreover, the actions are carried out with the help of certain rules. The workflow structure facilitates many components that can be used by administrators and business users in a bid to model the structure of their business information. Microsoft Dynamics CRM facilitates the developers with a new variety of mechanisms so that they can always alter the standard behavior which is required by their applications related to business.

Q13-Describe Cloud and Its Nature Computing to a Layman?

Whether you are in charge of implementing products of Dynamics for the users, or you are supervising the in-house system of a company, you would come across various individuals who are not as advanced as you. Moreover, this would help the interviewer to see how well you would communicate with the non-technical staff of an organization. It would also assist the interviewer to have a good glimpse of the way you understand the technology.

Q14- Explain Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a consumer connection management software generated by Microsoft. It is one of the conventional CRM tools obtainable in the market to improve the customer connection of any organization. Also, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s important features essentially concentrate on marketing, sales, and customer service divisions. The XRM program of Microsoft Dynamics would support multiple kinds of customization to this software.

Q15- What is the differentiation between plug-ins and workflow with respect to security limitations?

The user needs a system admin or system customizer security position and membership in the developing administrator association, in order to manifest a plug-in with the platform. Whereas, the user can practice the web application for the workflow.

Q16-What do you understand by the Metadata services of MSCRM?

The metadata of MSCRM contains information regarding the attribute and the entity. For example, the data type of attribute, display name, platform name, size of the attribute, etc.

Q17- Describe an E-mail router in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

E-mail router in MS CRM creates the software component which generates an interface among the Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment and the Organization’s messaging system.

Q18- Can we hide the tab In Ms. Dynamic CRM form practicing the JavaScript? How?

Yes, one can hide specific section utilizing the following line of code.


Q19- Explain Discovery Services.

The discovery services perform for determining the right organization and URL. Also, MSCRM has several servers, each of which is, might be donated to various organizations.

Q20- What do you mean by ‘Append’ and ‘Append To’ privilege in MSCRM?

‘Append’ and ‘Append To’ privileges practices collectively. ‘Append To’ privilege will enable other things to get connected to the entity. ‘Append’ privilege will enable the entity to join the records to the entity with the ‘Append To’ privilege.

Q21- What is the publisher and why we are practicing it in Dynamics CRM Solutions?

Every solution in the CRM has a Publisher. Publisher record saves information like location and contact data of solution publisher.

CRM oversight solution has its individual default publisher with the title “Default Publisher for ”We can build our personal Publisher for a solution and can determine the “Prefix” for the culture components and begin the value of Option set values.

Q22- Define Entity.

An Entity in CRM assists in modeling and maintaining business data. Different types of entities are Contacts, Cases, Leads, Accounts, Activities, Opportunities, etc. It serves as a database table and saves the data which is organized form and simple to retrieve.

Q23. What development devices do you utilize for CRM development?

Mention CRM Developer toolkit, Plugin Registration, Ribbon Workbench, XrmToolkit. Tools practiced in CRM development which you use.

Q24. Define Advanced Search.

It is one of the superior features ready in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It appears with the out-of-the-box with CRM and convenient as a search icon on tip of the ribbon bar on the Microsoft Dynamics irrespective of the screen type and size.

Q25- How can one measure CRM customizations?

Explain how you would estimate customizations. For example: splitting up the work into smaller pieces, taking into account risks and experience.

Q26- Define early binding.

Early binding formulates strongly-typed code that is more manageable to understand and moves the mistakes to compile-time and not runtime. Also, early binding prevents syntax errors that can happen with late-bound code.

Q27- Do you have any kind of certification to expand your opportunities as a Dynamics CRM professional?

Usually, interviewers look for applicants who are solemn about improving their career options by producing the use of further tools like certifications. Certificates are obvious proof that the candidate has put in all attempts to learn new abilities, comprehend them, and put them into use at the most excellent of their capacity. Insert the certifications, if you have any, and do hearsay about them in brief, describing what you learned from the programs and how they’ve been important to you so far.

Q28- Why we use preparing for the Dynamics CRM position in our company specifically?

By this question, the interviewer is attempting to see how well you can influence them concerning your knowledge in the subject, besides the requirement for practicing structured Dynamics CRM methodologies. It is always an advantage to already know the job specification in particular, along with the company’s return and aspects, thereby achieving a comprehensive knowledge of what tools, services, and Dynamics CRM methodologies are needed to work in the role triumphantly.

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