Types of Azure clouds

In Microsoft Azure, there are primarily three types of clouds:

Types of Azure clouds
  • PaaS:

    It stands for Platform as a Service, and it consists of an operating system, computer language application interface, database, and web services. Programmers and network operators use the Azure system. In this, the client is given the platform on which to build and manage applications. It is one of Azure’s fundamental principles that enable clients to concentrate on application creation rather than hardware and software. It also looks after problems with operating systems, networks, and databases.

  • SaaS:

    It stands for Software as a Service, a software that is distributed and handled centralized. It is a standard version of the program that is used for features that can be scaled out for all clients. It also enables to achieve the best results in all locations like a monthly or yearly fee is required to use the app. Microsoft Exchange, Office, and Dynamics are all available as SaaS.

  • IaaS:

    It stands for Infrastructure as a Service, a fundamental cloud software component. IT managers use this Azure service for development, computing, servers, and other computer system services. It is one of the Azure topics to learn because it enables users to run any app they want.

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