Advantages and Disadvantages of Microsoft Azure


The Advantages of using Azure are as follows:

  • Azure infrastructure will improve the business organizational plan at a low cost.
  • It enables to use the system without purchasing a permit for each computer.
  • From SQL databases to blobs to lists, Windows Azure has the perfect option to provide information that needs.
  • It has scalability, versatility, and expense.
  • It is familiar knowledge and techniques, it allows to maintain continuity throughout environments.
  • With an achieving effective set of tools and recognizable design and identification strategies, it can expand server farm.
  • High price cloud services, like Linux and Windows servers, can be deployed in minutes.
  • It allows to move data IT resources depending on the requirements.

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The disadvantages of using Azure are as follows:

  • If a user can’t access the web, he/she can use cloud services.
  • It is a web-based program that, like large documents, takes a lot of storage to upload.

When opposed to using a specific software package on the desktop PC, web-based apps might get be slower.

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