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    Applications of unsupervised learning

    Some of the applications of unsupervised machine learning algorithms are as follows:

    • Online consumer segmentation:

      For example amazon, shopping website, they also uses unsupervised machine learning algorithm to cluster clients on the basis of their history purchases and to analyse based on identify patterns.

    • Fraud detection of credit card:

      The unsupervised machine learning algorithm study the several output based on their patterns. For example, if a card is stolen by somebody, then if tries to use that card, there is possible an alarm will be generated or text will be send to the belonging ones. This type of possibility can be marked fraud.

    • Self-driving cars:

      Without any human intervention, a self-driving car can sense its environment and perform itself, also called as driverless car or autonomous car. Some of the organisation’s like Google, Apple, Uber and Tesla have been working on this project. Where, it consists of an artificial intelligence system which help the car to drive without any human requirements. It consist of the following features such as

      • Sense its surroundings
      • Perform based on the visual data to avoid collision with other cars or other objects
      • Handle the car like uses GPS, handle the steering, apply the brake, etc..


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