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    IoT Devices

    The design space for IoT devices is very different from that for mobile or cloud processors. Both mobile and cloud systems require huge chips. IoT devices
    should operate at deficient power levels but often not work continuously.
    They must integrate processors, memory and storage, communication, and sensors.

    They will also be sold in quantities that dwarf even those of mobile processors, which in turn require a low price. The purchase price is, however, only one component of the IoT device cost model. The total cost of ownership will drive many IoT markets – these devices will be installed for use over a lifetime of several years. Installation cost is an essential element in the decision to purchase and install these devices. We will see that cost of ownership is directly tied to power consumption.

    The sensors and MEMS communities have long been interested in IoT as an application for integrated sensors and actuators. Many commentators have called
    for a trillion sensor world. This goal is, in fact, very realistic given current industry

    Latest IoT Devices

    These are the IoT devices which are used in our day to day life.

    1. Amazon Echo
    2. August Doorbell Cam
    3. Awair
    4. Belkin WeMo
    5. Canary
    6. Ring Doorbells

    Amazon Echo

    IoT Devices

    Amazon Echo is an IOT device which is used to connect to voice control personal assistant Alexa, and it responds. It also called “Alexa”, “Echo” or “Computer”. It has n number of features like music playback, voice interaction, making to-do this, alarm setting, audiobook playing, streaming, and so on.

    August Doorbell Cam

    IoT Devices

    August Doorbell Cam is an IOT device which is used for security purpose in your home. With the use of this device, we can easily see and speak with a person is come to the front door of our house. It provides cam pairs with all August Smart Lock for safety and authentication purpose. It offers 24-hour video recording and continuously monitors the doorstep.


    IoT Devices

    Awair is an IOT device which is used to track dust levels and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compound) in the air. It is used to closely monitor the carbon Dioxide and humidity level of the whole day. This device is best for people with allergies and hypersensitive reactions.

    Belkin WeMo

    IoT Devices

    It is a series of product which is developed by Belkin that’s why its name Belkin WeMo. It is used to control our home electronics things remotely. It is a series of development which include light switches, cameras, light bulbs, electrical plugs.


    IoT Devices

    Canary IOT device is a home security device which has an all-in-one feature, like video and audio captures, which send alert to our smartphone. It stores video recording in our smartphone that whoever is coming and going home.

    Ring Doorbells

    IoT Devices

    Ring Doorbells is an authentic IOT device which provides Double Clad Home Network Security. In authentication, it allows the user to answer the door using our smartphone. There is a rechargeable battery inside the device for backup support.

    These devices have some essential properties, i.e. Sense, Send and receive data, Analyze and controlled. Controlled essential is a vital part of these devices. It plays endpoint role, otherwise communicate with each other endlessly leads to the system failure.

    There is the Lifetime cost of ownership is a crucial metric for IoT devices. These devices are non-Standard devices. Connect they use the wireless network and transfer data. These devices need internet connectivity and communicate over the networks, and they can remotely be monitored and control.

    These devices are proof of technology about how far technologies are going nowadays. This is a mystery for some people, for those companies using IoT technologies and making these devices.

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