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    Advantages and Disadvantages of IOT.

    Advantages of IOT

    Here are some advantages and disadvantages of IoT (Internet of things).


    IoT is wholly known as machine-to-machine communication (M2M) because it accurately the communication between devices. So the physical devices can stay connected, and the total transparency is available with lesser incapability and more excellent quality.

    Less Human effort

    As the IoT devices are interconnected each other, and it is known as machine-to-machine communication (M2M), then they reduce the human effort.

    Time saving

    It reduces the human effort, so it is time-saving. And we know time is a prime factor and it is saving through IoT platform.

    Data Collection

    It allows making right and an easy decision by collecting enough information. It helps immediate action on data.

    Improve Security

    Systems which have all these things are interconnected then it makes the system more secure and efficient. It provides personal safety. To monitor home through mobile phones and the ability to control it also.

    Disadvantages of IOT

    Even with the enormous advantages of IoT, this technology has some drawbacks also-


    IoT systems are interconnected and communicate over the network. It offers little control against any security measures, and it is easy for hackers to breaking into the system and stealing the data.

    Device Compatibility

    Device Compatibility in IoT systems has no standard, so it causes difficulty in tagging and monitoring with IoT sensors. Like the consistency of Bluetooth and USB is required for smooth operation.


    Sometimes complex systems operation can cause failure in the process. Designing, developing, maintaining to IoT system is complicated.


    Privacy is a significant problem in IoT. Like if your account and financial details should be decrepit and it should be easy to hack, so make always your details encrypted.

    IOT Companies

    IoT is moving a rapid place, and it is connecting more and more devices. Now day’s tech startups and established enterprises are linking devices to operate together and make it user-friendly. It made complete automation possible. Due to IoT, we get Smart cities, Smart homes, Smart Factory, and Connected vehicles are possible solutions.

    IoT helps to establish business processes and with that boost productivity. It gives to provide better products and services.

    List of top 6 companies who use this technology for both hardware and software vendors, end-to-end and connectivity service providers (CSP).

    1. IBM
    2. HQSoftware
    3. ARM IOT Security
    4. Cisco
    5. Bosch IOT Sensor Company
    6. Oxagile

    The above companies which every person dream of getting into. Now we see how these companies use IOT.


    IBM is the leading company in producing and selling computer hardware, software and middleware. It also provides the service of hosting and consulting for different areas like mainframe computers to nanotechnology. IBM delivers the IoT solutions of IoT platform, Watson IOT, Enterprise Asset Management, Facilities management, and System Engineering.

    Price of Watson IOT platform starts at 800 dollars per user per month.
    In March 2015 IBM’s one of the most significant deceleration that it would make investments 3 billion dollars over the next four years for a separate have entertained the IoT community. And they acted without delay, more than 1400 operating in IoT. They made a huge step forward.

    Due to its personal IoT division, it extended broadly. These days IBM is adapt demanding industry partnerships, like a joint development of a continental’s linked mobile vehicle solution.

    HQ Software

    HQ Software is a software Development Company who delivers complicated solutions across the world. The foundation of HQ Software in 2001. The core domain of the company is Software development, E-learning, banking and finance, and IoT also Include.

    In IoT vertical, a team can work on industrial IOT, Healthcare IoT, Smart Home and IoT Automotive. HQ Software provides IoT services like High-level development devices and sensors, data analysis, UI/UX Design web and mobile app development. They deliver 450+ projects to world-known brands such as HTC, BBC, Skoda, Sega, WHO (World Health Organization), UN (The United Nations), and many more.


    ARM Company is known for making 32-bit and 64-bit RISC multi-core processors. The company provides the production services for processor IP, IoT, Designing and development of software and tools.

    In the field of IoT, it provides a Device-to-data platform for connectivity management, data management and device management. It also includes device products like Mbed OS, SoC Solutions, and kigen SIM Solutions.

    ARM Company provide solutions for AI (Artificial Intelligence), IoT (Internet of Things), and security to variation of industries like Retail, Logistics, Healthcare, Infrastructure, etc.


    Cisco is known for designing, manufacturing, and selling internet protocol-based networking products. These are the product that is related to the communications and IT industry. There products and services are used in different types of sectors like Financial Services, Education, Energy, Manufacturing, Retail, Transportation, etc.

    In IoT, it provides the solutions of IoT Networking, IoT Gateway, IoT Operations Management, IoT Data Management, and IoT Security. It also delivered more generous than 15 new IoT products mostly centred on connectivity and Cybersecurity.


    Bosch is a Product and Service based company. In term of product and service, they provide to Drive and Control Technology, Packaging Technology, Power tools for Professionals,security and software Solutions.

    In term of IoT, It provides an IoT Suite for connecting and managing devices, sensors, and gateway. It offers secure access management. It also provides an open IoT platform for all domains.


    Oxagile is a professional IoT Company. It works on a full range of services including IoT consulting, Software development, hardware prototyping, integration, and continuous improvement.

    Oxagile advantage its deep tech expertise in Artificial intelligence, Big data and Cybersecurity. It perfectly architectured IoT systems. In the Retail industry, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Public Safety, they get company-grade IoT solutions for practical industrial equipment, smart gadgets, and next-generation intelligent devices.

    Principals followed by IoT Application Developers

    IoT applications are design and organized by IoT professionals. Developers focus on including various features and factors like Sensors, network connectivity, interactive devices, data analyzing elements and a platform that connects the user and the applications for interactions. It is useful for both industrial products and business services. It is also known as M2M (machine-to-Machine) App Development.

    Following are the basic principles:-

    • To design the application, it is an advanced persistent threat for impressive data management.
    • Develop security for the application; the data is collected safely and sound.
    • The information which we are sharing and communicating should be a practical and organized way.
    • The usage of the cloud and its link with IoT applications is essential.

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