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    Introduction to Laravel

    First start with general framework i.e. what is framework?

    Framework is built with rules, beliefs and ideas that use to deal with problems. Before the frameworks like Laravel everything is performed as core work in which everything is prepare by itself or work is done by scratch. For example there is a bricks making company in which a worker make the bricks with all measurements done by its own like shaping, scaling etc. But later man start using a machine in which everything is measured automatically; a man just has to use mud to make it so same is Laravel framework in which all rules are predefined.

    Now if you think about software framework then it is a framework or platform to develop software application. As a software framework provide some classes, some functions, readymade packages or database configuration, if you work on some web application or server side application. You just have to implement your code in the framework.

    So, Laravel is web-framework (php based) helps to build the websites backend as well as frontend. It follows the model view controller (MVC) pattern. Latest version of Laravel is 8.x and in September 9.x version will be hope to release, as works with the help of artisan CLI.

    People mostly prefer Laravel because-:
    • It is object oriented and works on MVC.
    • It supports authorization and authentication as well as having packaging system.
    • It includes multiple file system.
    • It has class based approach i.e. eloquent ORM to manage database system.
    • It has own template engine known as blade, task scheduling is also a great feature of Laravel.
    • Can do events and broadcasting and also available inbuilt testing.
    • Laravel framework has very good security system which includes SQL injection, cross-site scripting and request forgery.
    • Caching drivers are present that helps to travel the application that handles the requests.
    • Also here are some mail services that come with a driver for mailgun, Mandrill, SparkPost, PHP’s mail function as well as amazon SES.
    • Having use of artisan tool and that’s command line which helps to interact with the application and can create skeleton codes, new users, new objects apply things save it to database and manage the migrations.
    • If you don’t know about migrations and database, Laravel doing great and simple job, so it has easy database migration. You can do version controlling as they are allowing team- to do easily modifications and sharing the application database schema.

    Also it has object oriented libraries, which is authentication library that comes with cross-site request forgery protection, active user checker, encryption, password reset by creep hashing so everything is done inbuilt, you don’t need to hash the password anymore.

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