Integrated Order Management in Dynamics 365 increases adaptation.

Companies are shifting away from inflexible, homogeneous solutions in favor of flexible business apps that can be implemented rapidly, linked smoothly with other current systems, and gather and consolidate large quantities of data from many interfaces, therefore breaking down data silos. According to Forrester, fragmented data makes it difficult for businesses to build a complete picture of consumer demands, which is a problem that 44 percent1 of retail decision-makers face.

Businesses must also develop a single perspective of their orders throughout all networking applications to improve customization. Business executives have realized that leveraging top apps may avoid costly and time-consuming tear business processes while also accomplishing the same goals.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integrated Order Management, a solution that enables organizations to increase flexibility by utilizing easy-to-deploy out-of-the-box connections inside a reduced or no-code architecture, was released to the general public last month. This month, we’re excited to introduce several new integrations and upgrades that extend the possibilities of Dynamics 365 Integrated Order Management even further.

Scale quickly with the help of partner connections.

Sixty top supply-chain professionals from various sectors and regions were recently interviewed by McKinsey & Company2. Eighty-five per cent of those surveyed said they were having trouble dealing with expensive digital technologies due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s logistical delays, component and materials limitations, and unexpected fluctuations in consumption. Enterprises can quickly grow with out-of-the-box, pre-built partner interfaces to e-commerce networks, fulfilment services, partner organizations, and other back-office technologies. We give organizations entirely new levels and flexibility by integrating smart with other best-of-breed solutions via our growing community of customers.

Order and Ecommerce are two of the order operation condition for which Intelligence Order Processing has pre-built connections. Order is a virtualized electronic data interchange (EDI) interface that enables businesses to incorporate EDI financial transactions from Orderful’s System. BigCommerce is a cloud-based e-commerce SaaS platform, and Order is a cloud-based electronic data interchange (EDI) platform that allows businesses to integrate EDI transactions from Orderful’s network. These new order intakes sources help organizations be more flexible, allowing them to seize new possibilities faster by taking orders from everywhere.

Microsoft announced a partnership with System is characterized. Ship Station is a web-based e-commerce shipping software that enables businesses to create packages for their online purchases quickly. Users can integrate all carriers and transaction sources in one single solution by combining Ship Station with the Smart Order Management platform.

Finally, Avalara, an automatic vehicle tax compliance solution that helps determine order taxation rates based on reverse lookup and product categorization, and Flexe, a cloud-based framework that consolidates warehouse source information and helps streamline materials management functions, are now available to Intelligent Order Management customers.

Our solution provides a platform for organizations to integrate flexibility and robustness into their order processing operations and liberate themselves from outdated and expensive digital technologies by simply adding these pre-built partner interfaces to Smart Order Management.

Reduce the time it takes to get a product to market.

The drive is for dynamic, adaptive, and flexible construction since companies can no longer be inflexible and reactionary. According to a McKinsey & Company3 study, very effective agile transformation generally resulted in 30 per cent increases in efficiency, customer happiness, employee engagement, and organizational effectiveness, allowing the company to run 5 to 10 times quicker and supercharger creativity.

Intelligence Order Management now can print shipping labels straight from its application because of Microsoft relationship with ShipStation.

Users will also benefit from an enhanced Power BI architecture, which includes a set of panels incorporated in the user experience and powered by Microsoft Power BI technology. The Power BI dashboards offer a longer-term view of the order and fulfilment data flowing through the application.

With fulfilment analytics, businesses can improve order accuracy.

According to a recent Gartner® “last mile” survey, just 18% of businesses claim fulfilment accuracy rates of 95% or higher4. Our new Order thoughts dashboards can help them achieve just that. At Microsoft, we believe that digital solutions can improve this critical performance metric, and our new Order insights dashboard can help them do just that.

The order details dashboard gives you a detailed view of all of the order fulfilment operations running via Intelligent Supply Chain management. Users may rapidly evaluate essential performance metrics such as averaging lines per Order, order count, amount of customer order, and orders past due from a single screen. Users may also view individual supplier performance data, and if there is a problem, they can dive down into the provider’s information to discover more.

We’ve also added several dashboards displays to the Analytics option to provide users with a complete overview of what’s going on with an order. The Daily Events panel, for example, provides users with a summary of any unsuccessful order coordination stages, marking them to aid in judgement.

Businesses must trust adaptable solutions like Dynamics 365 Intelligent Order Management that easily connect with other best applications as their ability to react to shifting needs improves swiftly. We enable businesses to boost organizational effectiveness by giving them the flexibility to overgrow, get to market faster, and increase order accuracy with fulfilment analytics.

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