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    How to install Laravel

    Install Laravel 8.0 on windows 10. You can also create a virtual host to open the multiple Laravel projects with different server names, you can also say that local names.

    Before installing Laravel first install xampp on your operating system and you also need to install and download the composer. Download and run the composer and install all the users. Have a php folder inside the php folder have a php.exe file then you need to click next as below-:

    Then after click the next and install once-:
    After installing you need to use the composer-:
    Now you can check in command prompt and write compo and check.
    And got the latest version of composer.

    So now to install the Laravel first thing you need to do is go to C drive. After go to C drive check the same folder, after installing xampp you will get this one folder and then you will use htdocs folder you need to copy this one path and minimize and write on command prompt and paste that hit the enter inside the htdoc docs folder, you will create Laravel latest project, you can create it. First of all you need to write the command composer and create iphone project then you need to write Laravel and then you need to write project name as-:

    As you can see the project successfully created. Now open CMS folder and look inside the htdocs folder there is a cms folder and open all the files inside, those files are all about the Laravel, you have successfully installed the Laravel 8.0.

    If you want to install the older version like 7.0 then open command prompt and write same command like this one to create a composer and create a project Laravel and write like cms2 the another project name and write the version of the Laravel 7.0. Write and hit the enter.

    Now go to htdocs folder inside the htdocs and you will cms2 files, so that it is 7.0 version.

    Now work with latest version i.e. 8.0 version of Laravel, i.e. go to folder and copy the path and write the respective command on cmd.

    Use this port to open the project

    i.e. composer create-project Laravel/Laravel cms2 7.0 and hit enter and wait for the process and you will see next project is successfully created as follows-:

    And open this port and can check the latest version of Laravel

    So you are using simple php artisan server that helps to open the Laravel project. In another way you can also open amp and run apache server and go on your project name and open cms folder copy the name as-:

    So as above select part, the part of project name, copy and use on their local host that means call the htdocs folder and enter as-:

    And you can see -:

    As you can see this is running over the help of xampp server.

    Create virtual host

    Basically above the Laravel is open using virtual host. So to use virtual host first thing you need to open notepad and right click and click on run as administrator and in notepad open the file from c drive- the same folder and inside the xampp folder, go to apache and config and find out the httpd file of apache server.

    Here you will find that create your own port and assign your project on there. So just copy the above code and remove the comment based on and also remove all the things on their right so inside write the code needed included server name, also the path of cms public, url needed for browser to open latest Laravel project on local computer, so code is written as-:

    Now open notepad with run as administrator and there open c drive and go to windows, go to system 32, then go to drivers, go to etc and select all files there and from that files and open hosts file and copy and paste the path or code needed in that and save this file too and after saving you needed to restart the apache. Another code modification is as-:

    And now check ok local host after saving both files-:

    Now check by writing respective url i.e. myLaravel.co.uk

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