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    Django Web Hosting and IDE

    Django framework is simple, modular yet very powerful. There is a catch though. We have been running our website on the local computer.

    A website’s true application is on the web. I am sure we all concur on that. So, we have to put out a website online. It is also referred to as going live, on a production server, etc.

    These all mean the same thing. Hosting is the part where you can showcase your work to the public. When websites go live, it becomes accessible by the public. People can see and access what you have built. It’s a wonderful feeling.

    What is Production Environment?

    A server computer is nothing but a computer. The special thing about a server computer is that it’s connected to internet 24×7. It has a server program, backend and everything your website needs. Therefore, it is often called a production environment.

    A production environment is capable of running and serving your website to users. The production environment can include:

    • Computer Hardware
    • Operating System like windows, ubuntu, etc.
    • Support for a programming language like Python Interpreter
    • Web Server like Apache, Nginx, etc.
    • Application server
    • Databases on which our website is built
    • Some extra tools like a load balancer, proxy server, etc.

    Git – Introduction & Setup

    This part is for developers who have no experience with Git. Feel free to skip if you have installed Git and have an account on GitHub. We are going to introduce Git and GitHub in this article.

    So, Git is a version control system which means it will track your progress on the software. There are many similar tools but currently, Git is the most popular. Beginners often think Git and GitHub as the same thing. They are very different.

    As stated earlier, Git is a version control system. It is a piece of software that you can install on your computer. You can track the changes you made to the project. It is a powerful software for fast and manageable development. You can make repositories of your code and then mark what changes were made. It really helps out when you have been making changes to project over a long period of time.

    What is GitHub?

    GitHub is a hosting platform for Git. As you have experienced, Git is a command-line tool and can be difficult for beginners. GitHub provides a graphical UI so it is fairly easy then Git. Although, GitHub is really powerful when you use it alongside Git.

    The Github.com provides developers a place to freely host their project code. That can be manipulated by the Git CLI tool. Its integration is what makes this tool awesome and so productive.

    Just open Github website for making an account. This GitHub account is a developer’s portfolio. So, I advise you to upload your work on the platform. This will help you a lot in getting a job or recommendation.


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