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    Django REST Framework

    We will learn to build a REST API in Django through a very simple method.Django REST Framework (DRF) allows developers to rapidly build RESTful APIs. We will see how DRF is actually used and also clear some very basics of the web.

    What is an API?

    API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface. Two machines use it to communicate with each other. We will be dealing with Web APIs and then the definition changes to:

    An API is used by two applications trying to communicate with each other over a network or Internet.

    The API acts as a mediator between Django and other applications. The API’s main task is to receive data from other applications and provide them to the backend. This data is usually in JSON format.

    What are RESTful APIs?

    REST stands for Representational State Transfer. REST is an architecture on which we develop web services. Web services can be understood as your device connects to the internet.

    • When we search for anything on Google or watch something on YouTube, these are web services where your device is communicating to a server.
    • When these web services use REST Architecture, they are called RESTful Web Services.

    A RESTful API acts as a translator between two machines communicating over a Web service. This is just like an API but it’s working on a RESTful Web service. Web developers program REST API such that server can receive data from applications.

    These applications can be web-apps, Android/iOS apps, etc. RESTful APIs today return JSON files that can be interpreted by a variety of devices.

    The RESTful API will provide standardized data to all devices. Currently, that is achieved by JSON format but REST is not limited to that.

    What is Django REST Framework?

    DRF is an acronym for Django REST Framework. (stating the obvious) It’s used to develop REST APIs for Django.DRF is used to develop RESTful APIs which is both easy and a smart way.DRF is a framework built upon the Django Framework. It is not a separate framework. You can say that it is a tool which alongside Django is used to develop RESTful APIs. It increases the development speed. It also addresses various security issues natively.

    DRF is an Open Source Software, just like Django. It is actively developed by various MNCs. If you made any profit from this framework then please donate it to keep it open source.

    The documentation of DRF is actually considered better than Django’s. The only catch is that you need to have a bit of previous knowledge to understand the DRF documentation.



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