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    Django Database

    Whenever we are creating a web project or any kind of project, we want some kind of input by our end-users or consumers. All that data/ input is handled by a Database. In today’s scenario, whenever we are developing a website, we will need a database, whether it’s a blog site or highly interactive ones like Instagram which is based on Django.

    To achieve that you would need some software, which can store that data efficiently and also some middleware which can let you communicate with the database.

    Connecting Databases with Django Project

    By default, when we made our first app and started the server you must have seen a new file in your project directory, named as ‘db.sqlite3’. The file is database file where all the data that you will be generating will be stored. It is a local file as Django is a server-side framework and it treats your computer as the host when you actually run the server in command line/terminal.

    This file is generated automatically because Django has a default setting of the database set to the SQLite, which is although fine for testing and provides lots of features but if you want your website to be scalable, you need to change it to any other efficient database.

    1. DATABASES Dictionary Indexes

      Firstly, open the settings.py file of your web-application/ project and there find this part.

    2. This partition has information regarding the connection to the database.

      DATABASES is a pre-defined dictionary in Django Framework with the ‘default’ as an index having the value for the main database where all the data is to be stored.

      There can be multiple databases as we need data backups too but there is only one default database, although we won’t be adding multiple databases now.

      The default is holding a dictionary where there are 2 indexes:


      It specifies the library to be used when connected to a certain website. In the value, we have to put the file, “django.db.backends.sqlite3”, which is the python library for sqlite3 database and will translate your python code to the database language.

      Thus, you won’t need to learn any new database language, every code is in Python.


      Here you will have a name of the database that you are using and the location of your database. This parameter changes according to the type of database you are using. Here you can experiment with the database file.

      In this, we are also passing the name of the database file or if the file is not present, this will create the db.sqlite3 file. If you change the name to db1.sqlite3 or anything of your choice it will create that file in your root directory every time you run server again.

      Here, in this, we have changed the name to ‘dataflair.sqlite3’.

      Now execute these two commands:

      python manage.py migrate

      python manage.py runserver

      As we can see, a new database file is created and it is such an easy process to create a database with Django framework. Just like this, every database has some attributes which actually become the default dictionaries indexes which you can change/ create according to the database you are connecting to.

    3. MySQL and Django – Connecting MySQL Database with Django Project

      MySQL is a very powerful database providing you with tons of features and flexibility. We are not going to discuss its functionality now, we will just integrate it with our project.

      Here are the steps to integrate Django project with MySQL:

    1. Install Xampp

      Xampp is a free opensource tool which provides you with the Apache server and phpMyAdmin which is the best source for beginner programmers to work with MySQL.

      You can download the Xampp according to your system from here:


    2. RunXampp Control Panel

      Now, after installation, you will have to run the Xampp Control Panel and just start 2 services there, Apache and MySQL.

      The main advantage of Xampp is that it provides you a very interactive environment and when we will be deploying our models, that too will be done in this.

      So, we get a very powerful database with an interactive dashboard and one of the world’s best framework with the easiest and most powerful programming language out there.

    3. Creating a SQL database:

      On the webpage phpMyAdmin, we will have to create a database for our project. That’s very easy.

    4. Modifying settings.py

      In this last step, we will be changing the DATABASE dictionary in our main projects settings.py.

      First, install this file via command line:

      pip install mysqlclient

      It will install the Django code for connecting the MySQL Database.

      After that exchange this code with the DATABASE dictionary in settings.py.

    'default': {
    'ENGINE': 'django.db.backends.mysql',
    'NAME': 'dataflair',
    'USER': 'root',
    'PASSWORD': “”,
    'HOST': “”,
    'PORT': “”,
    'OPTIONS': {
    'init_command': "SET sql_mode='STRICT_TRANS_TABLES'"

    We would recommend though, that you should keep the PASSWORD empty as filling it can produce an error for some users.

    Here, the HOST is the host server, but left blank means by default is localhost.

    The OPTIONS is a bit interesting attribute, in this, we are actually passing the SQL as a string through Python which then the SQL server parses itself.

    Here we have to write:

    SET sql_mode = ‘STRICT_TRANS_TABLES’

    It is essentially SQL, being passed on as a string.

    For the last steps just run these two commands:

    python manage.py migrate

    python manage.py runserver

    Now, refresh the phpMyAdmin page and you will get some tables created with just doing this much.



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