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    Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing is defined as the process of digital marketing in which we promote our products or services globally via using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. Nowadays, almost all enterprises use this business strategy to enhance the reach of their product.

    We can consider it as a marketing approach to connect with the customers online. Note that it is responsible for increasing brand awareness, website traffic, customer conversion etc. It is a cost-effective technique that is mainly used to achieve business standards.

    As with the rapid growth in the field of technology, the competition has also been increased. So, we need a better strategy to meet business goals. Social media marketing allows a business to promote its products globally by which a user has eased in purchasing any product online. They can also check the quality of the product and can compare it with other markets.

    How to create a social media strategy

    After the introduction of social media marketing, now, it is time to discuss their strategies to enhance the reach of the business to many targeted users. So, here we go:

    Set social media goals

    If you want to use social media for your enterprise, then you must have a clear idea about your business goals. It means that what you want to achieve with social media marketing. The answer to this question may vary according to your needs. It can be used to increase brand awareness, website traffic, generate more leads etc.

    Social Media Listening

    It is all about focusing on the customer complaints, feedback or reviews about your product. It may help you to build a reputed position in the eyes of customers and achieve better place in the marketplace.

    Select appropriate social media channels

    You must need to select the right social media platform to advertise your product. The platform may vary according to your business purpose. For instance, LinkedIn is the best platform for B2B purposes.

    Develop a Brand Personality

    To build a brand personality, you need to follow the formal approach while interacting with any customer.

    Evaluating the results

    The evaluation of the results is considered as the most important strategy in each field because it helps you to find that you are achieving the desired objective or not. If we talk about social media marketing, you can integrate Google Analytics with your company website to know the website traffic coming from various sources. It will help you to get information about how much traffic comes from social media marketing.

    Some of the social networking platforms include its own analytic platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedln etc.

    Social Media Marketing Platforms

    In this section, we will define various social media platforms that are available to enhance the reach of the business to many targeted users such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.


    Facebook is the most popular social media platform that is being developed by Mark Zuckerberg on Feb 4, 2004. It is considered as the best platform to interact with the audience. We can send the data in various formats such as images, videos, gif etc. You will wonder to know that while Mark Zuckerberg and his co-founders developed Facebook, then it was only opened to Hardward students. Later, it was also opened to Ivy League College and few others. Finally, it was being opened to everyone in the year 2006. Facebook also provides a feature to share your posts, stories etc.

    Facebook Business Manager

    It is also known as Facebook Business Suite, which is mainly used to promote your product on Facebook. We can consider it as a hub to manage the inboxes, pages, ads. For doing this, we need to create a free account in the Facebook Business Suite. After that, enter your name, business name and email.

    Facebook Advertising Options

    It is an advanced feature that is mainly used to specify your target audience. The audience can be categorized based on age, interest, device etc. It may help you to enhance the popularity of the product. Before advertising your product, you must have a clear idea about your campaign goals. These goals can be for improving the website traffic, promoting Facebook Page, engaging on your post etc.

    You should know that the auto ad placement feature is recommended on Facebook. The ads can also be visible according to your selection of web pages.

    Facebook Adverts

    It is a unique feature of Facebook that are visible to only specific groups. The impressive content adverts will help you to target the peoples well. Also, it provides more likes, comments and shares on your posts. We can say that the adverts are the best option in Facebook to promote the product online and generate the lead in your business.


    Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms, which is launched in June 2006. It is introduced by the Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, Noah Glass. We can say that Twitter is the communication platform based on SMS. Also, it enables a user to read and write small messages known as tweets. You can access it via using various platforms such as desktops, mobile phones etc.

    If we talk about the history of Twitter, Jack Dorsey introduced this concept of SMS based communication platform to interact with the small groups. The twttr was its last name. The first tweet of Jack Dorsey was “just setting up my twttr”.

    Twitter marketing is considered as an efficient tool to promote business product online and build brand awareness. It is beneficial for every size of the company that helps you to find out the trend of the business. There are various tools available that are mainly used for integrating Twitter with blogs or websites such as TwitThis, Aweber, Twitterfeed, Chirrup etc.

    Hash Tag

    The Hash tag is defined as a symbol that indicates the keywords in the tweet. The main task of this tag is to provide a search for the audience. We can use the hash tag anywhere in the tweet like in the beginning, middle or end. We can say that it is used to search tweets that include a common topic. If we talk about the sponsored hash tags, it is used to form a tag of the customer’s choice. It indicates that it is best suited in terms of the customer’s favourite among the list of different options.

    Twitter API

    If we talk about the Twitter APIs or Twitter programming interface, its main task is to develop the applications, widgets, websites that are communicated with Twitter. There are various essential functionality tools used in the website such as Web Intent, Tweet Button etc.


    It is also considered as the best social media platform for the B2B (Business to Business) purposes. You should know that LinkedIn was introduced in the year 2003. You can create your profile here as a fresher or professional. We can say that the audience of LinkedIn is mainly for searching the jobs. It is a perfect place for both fresher and experienced to advertise their product online. Also, by using this platform, you can stay connected with the new technologies. It means that you will get a clear idea about its trends.

    LinkedIn is an excellent place for career development purpose because a user can easily search the jobs, upload their resume, recruit new employees etc. Also, it helps to generate a lead in the business. More than 300 million people are connected with this platform. You will be a wonder to know that LinkedIn is available in 20 languages. By using the LinkedIn platform, the business can reach to the targeted audience. Also, you can invite any business clients to follow your page. In this platform, you can refine the search results by setting the filters into it.


    Instagram is a popular social media platform that includes approx 500 million daily active users. Facebook-owned Instagram and the reason behind its popularity is its 5th global rank on the internet. We can use this platform to promote our business product for many targeted users.

    In this platform, the images, memes and videos are available to represent the content. We can say that it is a marketer-friendly platform that helps to generate a lead to the business. This social media platform is compatible with mobile phones, tablets etc. Because it uses images and videos to represent the content, it is considered as a simple approach for understanding the details of the product. You should know that Instagram also provides a feature to share your stories on the profile. By doing this, the customer can easily get information about the launch of new products.

    Instagram is the best option to increase brand awareness and growth of the business. As the research says that 80% of the accounts use Instagram for their business because it provides ten times higher brand engagement and visual content than Facebook. If we talk about the most followed brands on Instagram, these are Starbucks, Nike, Chanel.


    Pinterest is an image-pinning website that includes approx 120 million daily users. It is one of the most dynamic social media platforms that was introduced in the year 2009. You should know that Ben Silbermann is the CEO of Pinterest. We can consider it as a visual bookmarking tool that is mainly used to share images, videos, infographics etc. Because it offers high visual graphics, it is recommended by many of the users to generate more leads and brand awareness for the business. It is a user-friendly platform that requires valid registration. Based on your requirement, you can create a free personal account or a business account.

    It is also a perfect social media tool in which a user can save, upload and manage the images known as
    pins. It also allows a business to create pages and promoting their business online.


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