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    Search Engine Marketing

    Search Engine Marketing is defined as a technique of digital marketing for enhancing the growth of the business. In this strategy, we need to use the paid advertisement to promote our business product. Nowadays, the tendency of people using online research while buying any specific product. So, if you want to promote your business online, you need to use the search engine marketing.

    In the search engine marketing, we promote our business online by using the paid advertisement and enhance its reach to many targeted users. It will help you to increase the brand awareness and achieve better standard in the marketplace. It is also referred to as Pay Per Click (PPC) because we need to pay a specific amount to the search engine to promote our business product to many targeted users. Many of the users confused with both of these terms i.e. SEM and SEO. It should be clear in mind that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the digital marketing approach that mainly focused on improving the rank and traffic of the specific website. But if we talk about the major difference between both these terms, in the SEO, we do not refer to the paid search marketing. In contrast of SEO, SEM refers to the paid search marketing.

    Why SEM is important?

    In this section, we will discuss about why SEM is important to the digital marketing and why it is considered as a best option for business use? Many of the businesses use this strategy to enhance the growth of the business. If you want to increase your website traffic and rank, you may prefer the specific strategy.

    Provides more money

    The SEM is an effective way to promote the business product by using the paid advertisement. It enhances the reach of the product to many targeted users. Due to this, a business earns the better revenue.

    We have different types of search ads are available i.e. Google Adwords, ng, Yandex, Baidu etc. A business earns an average of $2 revenue with respect to $1 spent on Google Adwords.


    To achieve the better standard in the organization, we need to focus on the conversation between the business and the customer. Most of the business runs many campaigns to interact with the customers. Its main task is to add many new subscribers and motivate the customers to participate in the business contest.

    Increase brand awareness

    The SEM is also responsible for enhancing the awareness of the brand by maintaining the customer’s conversation, establishing the campaigns for your product. If we talk about the Google research, the 80% of brand awareness can be enhanced by using the search ads.

    Accessible to small accounts

    You know that SEM uses paid advertisement for promoting any particular product. But if the cost of advertising is too high, then most of the persons will not try to use it. But the good news is that you can advertise your product even in the small cost. It is considered as an advantage of search engine marketing. So, we can say that it is affordable to access even in the small budget.

    You can start your advertisement as little as $5. If we talk about the Google Adwords, you can double your investment if you managed your data efficiently.

    Best for Local Marketing

    It should be noted that the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is also provides a great platform for the local marketers. If we type in the Google “stationary shops near me” then it will shows the search results of many local marketers.

    In the year 2016, the local 3-Pack is introduced by the Google search engine which is typically as an advertising package. In this package, the local ads are represented in the top 3 search results based on the location terms.

    Provides immediate results

    If we talk about SEO or any other type of digital marketing, it is considered as the long term strategies to increase the website traffic and rank. But in the case of SEM (Search Engine Marketing), it offers immediate results. We can get a clear idea about the results of our efforts.

    Consistent traffic source

    To enhance the reach of the product to many targeted users, we need to promote our business product globally. For doing this, the advertisement plays a vital role in which we can enhance the website traffic. Every business wants that their website gets the consistent traffic, but even after the consistent planning and budgeting, we may not get the consistent web traffic. The search ads can be considered as an effective way for getting the consistent traffic into the website for specific keywords.

    Provides more leads

    It should be clear in mind that generating web traffic is not enough to achieve the business standard. We also need to focus on the right audience. The traffic should comes from the specific audience that you want. It means that the traffic must be relevant to your website content.

    If we talk about the SEM, we can create the custom audience in which we have a choice to select the audience for our product. It will help the business to engage the customer more into your business.

    Provides a way to be at first

    It should be noted that the search ads come first in the search results. So, if you pay for the search ad as well as you produced quality content, your chances of getting top position in the SERPs become high.

    Provides competitive data

    In the SEM strategy, we can compare our specific keywords with the others. Also, we can improve our strategy by checking the competitor’s ads. In the competitive analysis tool, there are various valuable insights are shown that will help you to achieve your marketing goals.

    Provides Flexibility

    The SEM also provides a better flexibility because the customer can easily customize the ads and set the budget based on the requirement. The budget may vary according to your business goal. It means if you want to achieve better results, you need to set your budget higher.

    Get Information about the search intent

    By using the SEM strategy, we can get the clear idea about the trend of the business. It means we can confirm that which ad gets the most clicks and what the customer is looking for? It helps to achieve the better rank in the search results.

    Great for Mobile Marketing

    Many of the users prefer mobile marketing while buying any particular product. Note that the SEM also works great for the mobile marketing. We can consider it as a better approach for capitalize on the mobile marketing.

    Diverse Channel

    The network of search ads is too broad because there are various types of ads depend on the audience, goal, budget etc. These ads are displayed on the top of the SERPs that capture the user’s attention. It can be visible to any other websites because of your previous searches performed.

    Important aspects of SEM

    After the discussion of the importance of SEM, now it is time to discuss the important aspects of SEM. So, let’s get started:


    In the search engine, we enter the keywords to get the relevant results. In general, the group of words is used in the keyword such as “buy science books”. The ads are shown in the search results if the words you enter are coincide.


    The clicks will redirect you to the official page of the particular website. It helps you to evaluate the number of clicks performed on your page. It defines the awareness of your brand.

    Text ad:

    It is a type of standard ad in which the short description of the product is represented.

    Ad group:

    If we talk about the Google ads, it mainly includes an ad group which is a combination of various ads shown with the similar keyword. It helps to get the information about the best advertisement.


    In the campaign, the multiple ad groups are organized that includes a similar objective.


    It defines the appearance of your ad in the search result. If the appearance is high, then you will earn better revenue from your ad.


    It means that your ad’s content must be relevant to customer’s interest. The customer will engage in your content only if they find your content useful. So, keep in mind that customer is our first priority. We can’t ignore the needs of the customer. It will help you to enhance your website traffic and rank.

    Quality Score:

    It is generally defined as the ratings provided by the Google in the range of 1 to 10. If a business achieves a better score in this field, then its chances of growth will become increase. In this technical era, competition was become more increased. So, we need to get a better score to achieve the business standard.

    CTR (Click Through Rate):

    By using the CTR, you can get the information about the percentage of people visited to your ad. If your percentage of CTR is high, then it means that you have created a relevant ad for the customer.

    CPC (Cost Per Click):

    If we talk about the Google Adwords, then the ads can be purchased by the CPC (Cost Per Click). It means how much amount we need to pay for each click.


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