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    Mobile Marketing

    Mobile Marketing is defined as the digital marketing approach that mainly focused on mobile devices such as a smartphone. It is considered as one of the most conversion-oriented marketing channels for promoting the business product. The main task of mobile marketing is to enhance the reach of the product to many targeted users via using smartphones, tablets or any other mobile devices.

    Because of its portability, many of the users prefer mobile marketing to meet business goals. In this type of marketing strategy, the promotional messages are sent to the customer via text messages, SMS, MMS etc.

    In mobile marketing, an ad is represented on the screen of mobile phones. The format and style of this ad may vary according to your choice. You should know that many of the social media platforms provide their own mobile adoptions.

    Why you need Mobile Marketing?

    In this section, we will discuss why mobile marketing is an important part of digital marketing. So, let’s get started:

    • The mobile app is a widely used platform; more than 80% of the user time spent on these apps.
    • Due to the small size of mobile phones, the overall view is being simplified.
    • The web pages are browsed more on tablets than smartphones.
    • In the year 2012, mobile searches have widely increased.

    Types of Mobile Marketing Strategy

    Various types of mobile marketing are as follows:

    App-based marketing:

    You know that most of the mobile time is spent on mobile apps, so if you want to promote your business product, you need to use mobile apps. By using Google services such as Google AdMob, you can easily create mobile ads. You should know that Facebook also offers an opportunity to create ads on mobile phones that are integrated into Facebook’s mobile app.

    In-game mobile marketing:

    In this type of mobile marketing, the ads are shown in mobile games as the banner pop-up. Also, we can see this ad in the full-page image ads or video ads. If we talk about the video ads, it is being shown between the loading screens.

    QR Codes:

    You know that the QR codes are scanned by the user that redirects you to the attached webpage.

    Location-based Marketing:

    It is considered as a specific type of ad that is being shown based on the user’s location.

    Mobile search ads:

    It is a Google search ad that is created for mobile devices. It offers some impressive add-on feature to make things better, such as maps.


    You know that SMS is a widely used method to promote your business product. In this approach, we have a phone number of the user and send them exciting offers about the product to get the attention of the user.

    Bluetooth marketing:

    In this type of mobile marketing strategy, we use Bluetooth in the mobile device to enable the customer for getting the specific ads.

    Voice marketing:

    In this strategy, many of the businesses generate automated calls to the customer. It will help the business to promote their product in front of new and existing users. It is totally dependent on the customer to either listen to the phone call or disconnect it. You can provide the information about your exciting offers to engage the customer in your business.

    How Mobile Marketing Works?

    Mobile Marketing plays a vital role in the promotion of business products. It can be done through SMS text messaging, MMS multimedia messages, in-game marketing, scan QR codes etc.

    Research the targeted audience:

    If you want to achieve the business standards, you need to know about your customers. It can be done through research on the customer demographic to get information about the customer’s interest. We can say that it is the most significant part of mobile marketing because without knowing what the customer actually wants, your product can’t achieve the business goals.

    Leverage opportunities on social media:

    You know that social media provides an impressive platform to enhance the reach of the product to many targeted users. But the marketer will gain profit only if the ad of their product is effectively designed. It means that your ad must capture the attention of the customer. If your ad clearly defines your perspective in front of the targeted users, then the chances of getting succeeded become increased.

    Set goals:

    It is considered as an initial step in any marketing strategy or campaigns because it defines the reason behind your push efforts. After selecting the goals, you can evaluate the progress of the business product.

    Create mobile-friendly campaigns:

    Because the aim of yours is to enhance the reach of the product to many targeted users via using the mobile devices, it should be kept in mind that all your marketing campaigns whether it is content creation or app creation must be compatible with the mobile usage.

    Perform business based on location

    You can use various tools that are available like Google Trends to send the ads only to the relevant audience.

    Consider unique features of Mobile devices:

    To enable the customer for getting a clear idea about your product, you need to develop the specific ads that can easily be manipulated by different mobile devices. You can create some ads that can be paused, forwarded etc.

    Offer Incentives:

    To motivate the customers, you can give them some rewards or offers. It will help you to engage the customer into your business product. Also, you can wish them in various occasions like birthdays, festivals etc. It will feel the user special. By doing this, you will get the reputed position in the eyes of customers. You know that in any business, you need to fulfil all the needs of the customer. It would be best if you take care of their choice, interest to generate a lead in the business.

    Google Adwords

    The Google Adwords or Ads is the online advertising platform that is capable of enhancing the advertising campaign for all Google Ad users. Its initial release date was 23rd October 2000. By using this feature, an advertiser can easily bid across multiple devices.

    You should know that the bid in the Google Adwords is made in the single campaign. We do not require to arrange a separate campaign for the mobile or desktop. If you want to increase the bids for mobile devices, you can set the positive bid adjustment like +15% whereas the negative bid adjustment like -10% decrease the bid for the mobile devices. We can say that Google Adwords is the best option to increase the revenue from mobile ads.

    Google Mobile Ad Extensions

    Google Adwords also provides various mobile ad extensions that are as follows:

    Mobile Site links

    The Mobile Site Links are considered as an easier way for the mobile devices to navigate around the specific pages of the website. We can say that it is an efficient approach in terms of mobile marketing because it provides convenience to the users of mobile devices.

    Click-to-Call Mobile Ad Extension

    In this extension, a call button feature is being provided that is directly connected with the mobile advertisement. If you clicked on this button, the business phone number is automatically generated to the mobile device. It will help a user to keep in touch with the business. It should be noted that if you use this feature, then you must have to able to answer the phone calls.

    Google offers for mobile

    In this extension, the advertisers are free to post a discount offer in the mobile ads. Also, you can post some coupons in it. It may help us to capture the attention of the customer and generate a lead in the business.

    Click-to-Download Ad Extension

    It is similar to the click-to-call extension, but in the place of generating the phone number, a
    download button is set to navigate into the download page of the advertiser’s app.

    Local Ad Extensions

    It is the most important mobile extension in which a user asks the questions for a local solution like “Indian food”. It may include the phone number, Google Maps, link etc.


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