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    Marketing Strategy vs Tactics

    In this section, we will discuss the differences between the digital marketing strategy and the tactics. So, let’s get started:

    If we talk about the marketing strategy, it includes a set of steps for achieving the business standards. The main task of the marketing strategy is to set and obtain the desired objective. It is considered as a significant part of any organization where we discuss all the relevant aspects of the product. Note that the strategy may vary based on the scale of the enterprise.

    If we talk about marketing tactics, it includes some specific actions that are being used for accomplishing your strategy. We can define it as a method to promote business goods or services. The main task of the tactic is to maximize the sales of the business product.

    Note that Strategy = Goal or Tactic = Specific Action to achieve the goal.

    Here, the main differences are shown between the marketing strategy and the marketing tactic:

    • The strategy is used for the long term goals, whereas the tactic is used for short term actions.
    • Strategy can be changed with the internal or external factors of the enterprise, whereas the tactic can be changed based on the success of the strategy.
    • Strategy defines what needs to be done, whereas the tactic defines how it will be done.
    • In the strategy, we need to focus on the level of thinking for determining the appropriate direction of your goal. But, in the case of tactic, we make efforts on the specific steps and actions.
    • In the strategy, the changes can be a difficult task, whereas, in the tactic, the changes can easily be done.
    • The strategy is created by the leaders of the organization, whereas the managers create the tactic.
    • In the strategy, we need to focus on the outward view such as market conditions, whereas in the tactic, we need to focus on the inward view such as resources.
    • We use strategy to focus on improving the future, whereas, in the tactic, a day to day execution is required for the particular strategy.
    • We cannot easily evaluate the strategy, whereas, in the tactic, we can easily evaluate it.
    Channels or components of Digital Marketing

    There are various channels of digital marketing such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Content Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc. We will further discuss these components in detail on the next page.

    Search Engine Optimization

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is defined as a technique in which we can enhance the traffic of the websites. This process helps us to provide a higher rank in the search engine pages. If the rank of your website becomes high, then it will keep in the eye of the users. It means that more people will see your website data. Due to this, the traffic on your website will increase. The main task of the search engine optimization is to enhance the rank and traffic of the website.

    Due to the rapid growth in the field of technology, the competition was also increased. We have thousands of options available while searching any particular keyword into the search engines. So, we have to choose the best among all of these. This best selection offers by the search engine optimization. We can consider it as quality control for each website. There are many websites, blogs and infographics use SEO for enhancing its reach to many targeted users. In this process, the content becomes optimized, set up technically to appear your website at the top of the search engine.

    Search Engine Optimization follows a long term strategy that offers a better Return On Investment. (ROI). It is a part of inbound marketing which can be categorized into the following parts:

    On-page SEO

    It is defined as the SEO type that mainly defines all the methods helpful for enhancing the traffic and ranking of the website. It is all about the content used on the website. Note that the HTML source code of the page is also considered in this SEO type. To provide the ranking to a particular webpage, it determines various factors such as keyword density, page speed, title tags, URL structure, internal links, alt text, responsiveness etc.

    This type of SEO helps to provide a valuable website in different search engines like Google, Yahoo etc. It should be noted that it accepts various kind of data format such as images, videos etc. Furthermore, it also optimizes the followings elements:


    The heading is considered as a significant part of the website. For providing the particular ranking to the website, the search engine gives preference to the headings because it defines the whole body of the page. So, if you want to achieve top rankings for your website, you need to divide your website data into impressive headings. Also, you can add some related keywords into it. By using headings, we can enhance the readability of our webpage. It should be noted that your headings must be impressive, which highlights the core idea about the overall content.

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