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    Email Marketing

    We can define email marketing as a digital marketing strategy that mainly deals with sending emails. It is a digital marketing channel where we use the emails to enhance the reach of the product to many targeted users. It will help a business to increase brand awareness to many audiences.

    Email marketing is one of the most popular forms of digital marketing in which the emails are used to promote the business product. It is considered as the best option for enhancing the number of subscribers. Also, it analyses the need of the customer. We can say that it plays a vital role to maintain the customer relationship, brand awareness, customer’s trust etc. Furthermore, it shows a direct impact on the success of any business.Thus,most of the business professionals prefer email marketing for any particular brand.

    If you use this strategy properly, then you will be able to achieve the most excellent ROI (Return On Investment). We can say that 73% of users prefer email marketing for meeting business goals.

    History of Email

    After the introduction of the email, now, it is time to discuss the email history. You should know that the first email was sent in the year 1971. This email was sent from the Ray Tomlinson, a computer engineer in which the strings and letters are included. This person makes the introduction of the “@” symbol in the email

    After that, in the year 1978, a first commercial mail was sent by the Gary Thuerk (Marketing Manager at Digital Equipment Corp) to promote his new product to the customers. This particular email includes only 400 addresses. You will be a wonder to know that this email becomes the reason for about $13 million in sales.

    If we talk about the year 1990s, the internet was available for the users. The email becomes the reason to change the traditional method of communication. It was also considered as a better option to advertise any particular product.

    Tactics of Email Marketing

    After all of that, now, it is time to discuss some tactics of email marketing. So, here we go:

    Add new emails by the welcome emails:

    The welcome email is considered as the important email for any business. It is an important step of the business campaign to add or connect with more subscribers. It will help you to achieve business goals.

    Keep in touch with the user:

    The business newsletters can be provided to the user to get the information about your business trends. It includes the news of your brand that is to be delivered to the customer in a weekly, monthly or bi-monthly basis. We can consider it as the best platform for enhancing your latest research to the targeted audience.

    Increase sales through special offers:

    If you want to launch a sale on your business product, you can use email marketing to communicate with your audience. By using the behavioural targeting, the emails can easily be customized. To maintain business loyalty, you can also offer some special discount for your best customers.

    Send updates about your product:

    We can say that email marketing provides an efficient platform to inform your loyal customers. The new trend runs on the business in which a user gets the order notification in the email inbox when it purchases any product. It helps a customer to track their order online.

    Give reminders:

    When any customer adds any product in their cart but doesn’t order it, then the automated emails will transfer to them for reminding their item. The best example of this feature is abandoned cart email campaigns.

    You should know that the product retargeting emails also works similar to this feature.

    Special Occasions:

    Many of the businesses send their subscribers emails through which they can mark special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries etc. By doing this, the customer will feel happy.

    Why is email marketing important?

    In this section, we will discuss the importance of email marketing. Also, why it is considered as the best platform for promoting the business product? So, here we go:

    Offers impressive ROI (Return On Investment):

    Email marketing is considered as the cost-efficient technique of digital marketing. Thus, it provides an impressive ROI on the business product. In the research says that email marketing is an effective way to make $38 for every $1 spent. This ratio of ROI became increased in few companies.

    It binds all the marketing strategies together:

    We can consider the email marketing as a concentric approach for any business strategy because either you promote your business online or launch a social media contest, the use of email marketing is a must.

    Email users are more than the social media:

    There is no doubt that social media is a popular platform for sharing any information, but still, email marketing is considered as the most preferred platform for business use.

    Email messages have a longer lifespan:

    Because it offers impressive advantages, email marketing has a longer lifespan than any social media posts. If we talk about social media posts, it will fade quickly, but the email messages stand a permanent place in the inbox. Also, it can be easy to reference any messages.

    Send tailored messages to the customers:

    The tailored messages are considered in the frame of email automation. Email automation is the best option for various purposes such as personalizing the messages, segment emails, develop tailor messages. Also, it allows a user to modify the content based on the preference of the subscriber.

    We can say that the email automation is a new way of marketing approach through which we can get the customer’s attention.

    Types of Email Marketing

    In this section, we will discuss the main types of email marketing that are as follows:

    • Transactional Email Marketing
    • Relational Email Marketing
    • Promotional Email Marketing

    Transactional Email Marketing

    In this type of email marketing, the main motive is to provide customer service. These emails are generated by the automated system in which the users confirm the actions.

    In general, the templates are used in the transactional email marketing to promote any business product. Note that it helps to increase the average revenue up to 5 times as compared to any other email. Below are some of the important types of transactional email:

    Order Confirmation:

    In this email, the status of your order is represented. It means whether your order has successfully placed or not. It also shows meaningful information about the specific product such as order name, order total etc.

    Purchase receipts:

    This email represents the receipt of your purchase. It will be sent to the customer only if the customer orders a particular product successfully.

    Shipping notices:

    After the successful purchase of your product, the other email will be sent to the customer, which represent that your product has been shipped. It also shows that the arrival date of your product.

    Create Account:

    When you create an account for new purchases, an email will send to the customer.

    Return Confirmation:

    When the user gets the damaged product, then they return the specific product by clicking on the “Return item” button. It will get the email regarding their return confirmation. It means whether your return request is accepted or not.

    In this email, you can offer some other products to re-engage the customers. Also, you can provide coupon codes to your products.

    Support tickets:

    The support tickets emails are also provided to the customer with the return confirmation emails. If you provide efficient support to the customer, then you can ask them to share their experience online. It helps you to increase product sales.

    Password Reminders:

    An email was sent to remind the customer to reset the password.

    Unsubscribe Confirmations:

    This email was sent to the customer when any customer unsubscribe your channel.

    Relational Email Marketing

    The primary use of relational email marketing is to maintain the relationships among the customers. It is responsible for generating 50% more sales at 33% lower cost. Different types of relational email marketing are as follows:

    Welcome new subscriber:

    It is the first email sent to the new customer for giving them the knowledge about your product.

    Gated Content Delivery:

    It is payable information that contains valuable content about the product. It is an automated email in which the requested user data is included.


    The business newsletters can be provided to the user to get information about your business trends. It includes the news of your brand that is to be delivered to the customer in a weekly, monthly or bi-monthly basis. In this email, we can provide a link to the user to access your product.

    Event Confirmation:

    We can consider this email as both relational and transactional email marketing. In this email, the confirmation of an event send which includes valuable details of an event, for instance, date and time of the webinar. Note that the mentioned details in the email must be reviewed to avoid the mistakes.


    If you want to get the information about the customer’s interest, then it is considered as the best option that will help you to achieve the business standards. It provides an opportunity for any business to target specific products based on user needs.

    Social update:

    You can upload your business product in social media platforms. It will help you to connect more subscribers to your business.

    Contest Announcement:

    You can arrange some contests to attract new subscribers.

    Referral Request:

    You can ask the customer for a referral.It means ask them for a new purchase, problem resolution etc.

    Promotional Email Marketing

    In this type of email marketing, our main motive is to promote our product globally. It will help you to generate more leads to your business. These emails include new gated content, sales announcement, new product release, upgrade offers, webinar and event announcements etc.

    So, this is all about email marketing. The other components of digital marketing are shown on the next page.


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