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    Digital Marketing Strategy

    The digital marketing strategy is defined as a way of achieving various business standards. It offers an appropriate method to develop an impressive product that meets the customer requirements and satisfaction. In digital marketing, we develop and follow various strategies which include a level of planning, assessment, analyze customer behavior etc. for getting in the eye of the customers.

    As we have grown with the technology, the level of competition becomes more enhanced. Each of the enterprise whether it is a small enterprise or a big enterprise, all of them provides various schemes to the customers to upgrade its brand reputation. Note that the strategy you developed must define your goals. It means that we have a clear idea about why we develop this strategy, and is it will become successful or not. Establishing a digital marketing strategy is a complex concept where we need to focus on the customer behavior, business trends, SEO (search engine optimization) etc.

    How to create the digital marketing strategy

    In this section, we will discuss some important points that are relevant to the creation of digital marketing strategy. So, let’s get started:

    Determine what you want to achieve

    First of all, we have a clear idea about what we want to accomplish. This question helps us to set the particular target of our purpose. Is you want to enhance your business reputation, or is you want to get more sales? The answers may vary according to your purpose of business product.

    Set the objective

    When you get a clear idea about your specific goals, you need to set the appropriate objective. To define the strategies, we need to include the plan, assessment, reviewing etc. If we talk about the plan, it is a crucial part of the digital marketing strategy because it opens different doors for improving the marketing standards. We can consider it as an important step to develop any particular strategy for your business. It also helps you to take the appropriate decision based on the situation.

    Apart from this, in the process of assessment, we need to analyze our marketing efforts for knowing the place where the improvement become necessary.

    The customer behavior is an essential part of the business strategy. In this part, we need to get the information about what the customer is looking for? It can be done through analyzing the customer response and feedback.

    Define your brand

    It is considered as the essential part of the digital marketing strategy where we need to provide the brand information to our customers. The customer will look at this and provide response or feedback to the particular product. If you maintain a good reputation among your customer, your brand reputation will become increased.

    Build your buyer personas

    If you will develop a strategy for your business product, you must have the information about your targeted audience, because after all, the product is made for the customers. In the buyer personas, you will get an idea about the latest trend run on the business. It should be noted that the buyer personas must match to your research.

    Set the budget for your digital marketing

    The budget may vary according to the element used in the digital marketing. If you are using inbound techniques i.e. content creation, SEO etc., you don’t require much amount. If we talk about the inbound techniques, it is mainly focused on the quality of the content.

    If you are using outbound techniques such as online advertising, then you need a high budget. In this technique, we can decide the kind of product visibility.

    Brainstorm your strategy

    You need to plan your strategy based on the specific requirement. For instance, if you want to advertise your product, you need to define the limit to your advertising expense or if you want to publish your content, you need to build the content calendar.

    Launch your compaigns

    In the digital marketing strategy, the planning needs to be done for your business product. Then, we must have to launch our campaigns across various channels. But it should be noted that the particular channel must provide the tracking information.

    Track your results

    We need to track or analyze the result to know the performance of your business product. There are different tools are available to monitor the performance such as Google Analytics, Google Ads etc. By tracking the results, we can get the information about the Return On Investment (ROI).

    Marketing Strategy vs. Tactics

    In this section, we will discuss the differences between the digital marketing strategy and the tactics. So, let’s get started:

    If we talk about the marketing strategy, it includes a set of steps for achieving the business standards. The main task of marketing strategy is to set and obtain the desired objective. It is considered as a significant part of any organization where we discuss all the relevant aspects of the product. Note that the strategy may vary on the basis of the scale of the enterprise.

    If we talk about the marketing tactics, it includes some specific actions that are being used for accomplishing your strategy. We can define it as a method to promote the business goods or services. The main task of the tactic is to maximize the sales of the business product.

    Note that Strategy = Goal or Tactic = Specific Action to achieve the goal

    Here, the main differences are shown between the marketing strategy and the marketing tactic:

    • Strategy is used for the long term goals whereas the tactic is used for short term actions.
    • Strategy can be changed with the internal or external factors of the enterprise whereas the tactic can be changed based on the success of the strategy.
    • Strategy defines what needs to be done whereas the tactic defines how it will be done.
    • In the strategy, we need to focus on the level of thinking for determining the appropriate direction of your goal. But, in the case of tactic, we make efforts on the specific steps and actions.
    • In the strategy, the changes can be a difficult task whereas in the tactic, the changes can easily be done.
    • The strategy is created by the leaders of the organization, whereas the tactic is created by the managers.
    • In the strategy, we need to focus on the outward view such as market conditions, whereas in the tactic, we need to focus on the inward view such as resources.
    • We use strategy to focus on improving the future whereas in the tactic, a day to day execution is required for the particular strategy.
    • We cannot easily evaluate the strategy whereas in the tactic, we can easily evaluate it.

    Channels or components of Digital Marketing

    There are various channels of digital marketing such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Content marketing, Inbound Marketing, Email Marketing, Inbound Marketing, Affiliate Marketing etc. We will further discuss these components in detail in the next page.


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