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    Digital Marketing Tutorial

    The term marketing is defined as a business in which we promote and sell our products or services. It is a complex concept that includes various strategies to enhance the reach of the business to many targeted users. In this concept, we not only promote or advertise our product but also identify the need of the person. We can categorize the marketing into two parts, i.e. Traditional Marketing and Digital or Online Marketing. In traditional marketing, the traditional media is used to promote business products such as newspaper, magazines etc. Now, come to digital or online marketing.

    Digital marketing is defined as a type of marketing in which digital technologies are used to promote business products and services. These digital technologies can be a mobile phone, laptops etc. We can consider it as a marketing approach for enhancing the reach of the products or services to many targeted users. It is being done through the use of digital channels such as email, e-books, search engines, text messages etc.

    The various marketing techniques like email marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), , search engine marketing(SEM) etc are used to achieve the business standard. As the technology upgrade with the time, the field of digital marketing becomes enhanced.

    Why we need Digital Marketing?

    If we talk about the traditional marketing approach, we need to depend on the physical techniques like newspaper, magazines, catalogs, postcards etc. to promote the business product. Due to this, it is not considered a better option while we want to enhance the reach of our product to many targeted users within a shorter time. As seen this, digital marketing technology comes into the picture that solved many problems faced in the traditional approach.

    Here, we will discuss why digital marketing is required and why it is considered as the best option for the business purpose. So, let’s get started.

    • In the global marketplace, you can easily get connected to the customers.
    • Because it is an online marketing approach, you can easily get information about the trend of the business.
    • This approach saves money as compared to the traditional marketing approach.
    • By using the digital marketing technology, the result of marketing labour can easily be tracked.
    • This approach helps a user to get in touch with you. It helps to create brand loyalty.
    • The customer can provide feedback to your product. Due to this, a business can improve its product.
    • This technology is measurable because you can get the information about the website traffic, content performance, shares, clicks and time on page. It is considered as the best advantage of this technology.
    • This technology provides higher revenue because, in this technology, higher conversation with the customer is involved.
    • Because it provides higher revenue as well as better branding, it also offers better Return of Investments (ROI) as compared to the traditional marketing approach.
    • By using this technology, you will become prepared for the IoT (Internet Of Things).

    Advantages of Digital marketing

    Now, it is time to discuss the advantages of digital marketing. So let’s get started:


    The digital marketing technology offers interactivity among the customers through messages, reviews, website comments etc. It means that a user can easily get connected to the business.


    This technology includes marketing materials such as photos, videos that help to engage the customers to your website.


    The digital marketing approach is less expensive than the other marketing approach.

    Global reach

    By using this technology, we can find new markets and business trends. It also helps us to get connected to the targeted audience.


    Apart from the interactivity to the customers, this technology also enables you to track the customer’s activities for defining and improving the business strategy.

    Higher Revenue

    Because of the higher intercommunication among the users, it provides higher revenue.

    Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

    After the discussion of the top advantages of digital marketing. Now, it is time to discuss about the disadvantages of digital marketing. So let’s get started:

    Time Consuming

    The online advertising and marketing of the business product require much time. So, it consumes much more time.

    High Competition

    With the enhancement in the technology, the level of competition becomes expand. To maintain the standard of the business, we need to up-to-date with the technology.

    Skills and Training

    If we want to use the digital marketing approach, a skill set must be required for a person. You need to up to date with the trend of the business.

    Dependent on Technology

    It is fully dependent on digital technologies such as email, e-books, search engines, text messages etc. If we don’t have these followings, digital technology will have no use.

    Complaints and feedback

    If a user gives negative feedback or complaint to your product, then it will be visible to other audience also. It may show an impact on the reputation of your brand.

    Security and privacy issues

    If you collect customer’s data for digital marketing purpose, you must need to follow all the legal rules regarding privacy and data protection. We can’t forget about the website protection. The security of websites must come first in our goals. By using the firewalls and various encrypting tools such as VPN, you can protect your website data. Also, invest your money to buy a good antivirus.

    Promotional Strategies can be copied

    It is a significant drawback of digital marketing technology. The reason behind that any other party can copy your website information. This type of drawback is considered as piracy. According to this, the website information and promotional strategies can be copied and misused from your Promotional Strategies campaigns.


    The cybersquatting is a very familiar word used in digital marketing. In this term, an individual or a group of individual affects the reputation of a particular brand.


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