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    Applications of DBMS

    Following are some applications of Database Management System

    Applications of DBMS

    Railway Reservation System

    The database is needed to keep a document of ticket booking, train’s departure, and arrival status. Also, if trains get late due, then a person gets to realize it via database update.

    Library Management System

    There are lots of books inside the library, so it is tough to keep data of all the books in a copy or register. So DBMS used to hold all the data associate to book problem dates, names of the book, author, and availability of the book.

    Banking System

    For storing user information, monitoring day to day credit and debit transactions, creating financial statements, etc. All this work has been completed with the help of Database management systems.

    Universities and Colleges

    Examinations are carried out online these days, and universities and colleges hold a majority of these records through DBMS. Student’s registrations information, results, courses, and grades all the documents are saved in the database.

    Credit card transactions

    The database Management framework is used for buying on credit cards and the generation of month-to-month statements.

    Social Media Sites

    We all are on social media websites to proportion our views and linked with our friends. Daily, tens of millions of customers signed up for these social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google plus. But how all the data of clients are saved and how we become able to link to another person, yes, this all due to the fact DBMS.


    Any telecommunication organization can’t even consider about their business without DBMS. DBMS has to for these companies to save the call records and monthly post-paid bills.


    Those days have gone ways when data associated with money was saved in registers and files. Today the time has completely changed because there are thousands of elements to do with finance like storing income, holding data and banking statement management, etc.


    The military keeps data of millions of soldiers, and it has millions of documents that must be preserve secured and safe. DBMS supports a large security warranty to the military data, so it is widely utilized in militaries. One can search for all the data about everybody within seconds with the use of DBMS.

    Online Shopping

    Online shopping has emerged as a massive trend these days. No one wants to go to the shops and waste his time. Everyone desires to shop from home. So a majority of these products are introduced and sold only with the assist of DBMS. Purchase data, invoice bills, and payment, all of these are performed with the use of DBMS.

    Human Resource Management

    Big companies have many people working under them. The human resource management branch keeps data on every employee’s salary, tax, and work through DBMS.


    The manufacturing system makes products and income them on day by day basis. To maintain data of all the information about the products like quantity, bills, purchase, supply chain management, DBMS is used.

    Airline Reservation System

    It is similar to the railway reservation system, and airline also desires DBMS to maintain data of the flight arrival, departure, and delay status.


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