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    Virtualization is a process that enables a singular instance of an application or computing resource to be shared amongst various customer organizations. Virtualization achieves this by referencing a physical instance or resource to a logical name as and when requested by giving a pointer to that physical instance.

    Definition of Virtualization

    Hardware Virtualization is defined as the development of a virtual machine over existing operating systems and hardware. Digital Machines have an environment that is isolated logically from the hardware underlying it.

    The device on which the virtual machine is installed is known as the host machine and the guest machine is known as the virtual machine. A programme or firmware, known as a hypervisor, controls this virtual machine.


    A low-level software or firmware that functions as a Virtual Machine Manager, is a Hypervisor. Two forms of hypervisors are available:

    The hypervisor type 1 runs on a bare machine. Some examples of a Type 1 hypervisor are RTS Hypervisor, Oracle VM, VirtualLogic VLX, LynxSecure and Sun xVM Server. A Type 1 hypervisor is depicted in the following diagram:


    The type 1 hypervisor does not utilize any base operating system since they are run on a bare bones system.

    The Type 2 hypervisor is a device emulator that uses software to communicate with a machine. Examples of Type 2 hypervisors include KVM, Microsoft Hyper V, Containers, VMWare Fusion, and VMWare workstation.

    A Type 2 hypervisor is depicted in the following diagram:


    Hardware Virtualization

    There are the three forms of virtualization for hardware:

    1. Virtualization in full
    2. Emulation Virtualization
    3. Paravirtualization

    Virtualization in full

    The underlying hardware in Full Virtualization is fully simulated. Guest programme needs no alteration in order to run.


    Emulation virtualization

    In Emulation, the virtual machine simulates the hardware and thus is independent of it. The guest operating system does not need modification in this regard.



    Paravirtualization does not emulate the hardware. The guest programme operates its own isolated domains.


    VMware vSphere is a highly designed infrastructure that provides a virtualization leadership infrastructure platform. It virtualizes the hardware for the device, storage and networking.


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