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    Utility Computing

    Pay per Use serves as the foundation for the Utility Computing model. As a metered facility, it provides on-demand computer services. The amalgamation of various technologies – from grid computing, cloud computing and managed IT services was the bedrock for the development of Utility Computing.

    Looking at the example of power distribution and supply before this, we know have an understanding of the manner in which electricity is supplied through the grid and transmitted to our houses. We also understand the fact that the electricity bill needs to be paid at regular intervals to maintain a steady supply of electric power. Utility Computing is precisely the same. At our homes based on the amount of electricity we consume every month, we pay a monthly bill. Likewise, we can use computing services and pay for the usage of those services accordingly at regular intervals. This is what is known as ‘Utility Computing.’ Utility computing, which can be performed in any server environment and includes Cloud Computing, is a good source for small-scale use.

    Through a system of pay-per-use and on-demand billing, Utility computing is the process of delivering the needed service for a usage and resource utilization based cost. The customer or client has access over a virtual private network or over the internet to a virtually infinite supply of computing solutions that can be sourced and used whenever desired.

    Utility computing helps small companies with a limited budget easy access and use of expensive software such as Cloud based ERP’s or CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Companies can achieve all this without investing heavily in technology to sustain their customer base through utility computing.


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