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    Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

    Service-Oriented Architecture allows using software, regardless of the type of supplier, product or technology, as a service for other applications. Therefore without additional programming or modifications to facilities, it is possible to share data between applications from different vendors.

    Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is an architectural framework in which apps utilize services made available to them over a network. Services for applications are facilitated via an information transfer channel over the internet.

    SOA enables users to combine a large number of facilities to form applications from existing services.
    SOA includes a set of design principles that structure the development of the system and provide the means to integrate parts into a coherent and decentralized system.

    Computational bundles are created out of a set of services that can use and exchange information. These computational bundles can then be made a part of various software packages across varied fields to be used across several types of businesses.

    Within Service-oriented Architecture, there are two primary roles:

    Service provider:

    The company that makes one or multiple services available for other organizations to use is a Service Provider. A service provider is also responsible for maintaining the service at its required quality levels. Service providers will usually advertise their services. To do so, they utilize directory services. Service Providers will provide a contract of service that will describe the services that they offer and how those services can be applied. Apart from the functional aspects, they also publish the financial terms and conditions of the service – how much it would cost an organization to use their services along with various subscription plans and models.

    The consumer of the service:

    The consumer of the service can locate the metadata of the service in the registry and develop the required customer components for binding and using the service.

    Services may aggregate information and data obtained from other services or create service workflows to satisfy a service consumer’s request.



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