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    Today, various Cloud Computing systems are available. Some of the common platforms utilized for cloud computing are listed below:

    1. Salesforce.com – The premier cloud based Customer Relationship Management service provider in the industry. Salesforce gives users a quick user experience and allows them to log in, create an app and transfer it into the cloud.
    2. Microsoft’s Azure – Windows Azure from Microsoft is a cloud computing platform that provides an infrastructure for cloud apps and services to be developed.
    3. Amazon EC2 – The Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) allows users to configure computing resources and monitor them when running them in the Amazon environment.
    4. RackSpace – Leading multi-cloud service provider. Via a cloud-driven network of virtualized servers, RackSpace provides servers on demand.
    5. AppScale – Appscale provides a managed IaaS platform that is compatible with AWS hybrid cloud.
    6. AT&T – AT&T provides businesses with various Cloud model service options and also manages the infrastructure for virtualization. This infrastructure for virtualization involves a network, server, and storage.
    7. Engine Yard – Engine Yard provides a Platform as a Service cloud computing framework for managing applications on AWS.
    8. Virtustream – It is part of Dell’s technology business and offers Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform apart from managed services.
    9. FlexiScale – FlexiScale provides a framework for utility computing that enables the cloud infrastructure to be modular, scalable and automated.
    10. GCloud3 – On its gPlatform, GCloud3 provides a private cloud solution.
    11. The Google App – The Google App Engine allows users to create, run and retain their applications on the infrastructure of Google.
    12. Appistry CloudIQ – In order to provide a runtime application framework, the Appistry’sCloudQ platform is efficient. Provides a robust platform for developing scalable applications.


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