Operation Cloud Computing refers to the distribution of superior cloud services. Today many companies have become very popular and widely employed in cloud computing operations simply because it enables all business operations to be conducted over the Internet.

These transactions can be performed using either a web application or smartphone based software. There are a variety of cloud operations, some of them seen in the following diagram:

Managing activities in the Cloud

As seen in the following diagram, there are many ways to handle day-to-day cloud operations:

  • Using the right tools and services to perform any cloud feature at all times.
  • Activities should be done at the right time and at the right price.
  • For operation management, choosing a suitable resource is mandatory.
  • To prevent repetitive operations, the process should be structured and automated.
  • Waste and redundancy can be reduced by utilizing efficient methods.
  • Attention to Quality of service needs to be maintained so as to avoid re-work later.

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