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    Network as a Service enables us to directly and safely access the network infrastructure. NaaS makes it possible for custom routing protocols to be implemented.

    In order to provide access to Network Infrastructure to its users, NaaS utilizes Virtualization technologies. It is the duty of the NaaS provider to maintain and control the infrastructure of the network, which reduces the consumer’s workload.

    In addition, as a service, NaaS provides networks. NaaS is based on a pay-per-use model as well.

    NaaS delivery mechanism?

    The user is expected to log in to the web portal to use the NaaS model, where they can get an online API. Here the route can be personalized by the user.

    Consumers have to pay for the volume used in exchange. The capacity can also be switched off at any moment.

    NaaS for Mobile

    More effective and versatile control over mobile devices is provided by Mobile NaaS. As mentioned above, NaaS utilizes virtualization technologies both to streamline its processes and also to make its architecture easier to maintain.

    The following diagram depicts the elements of the Mobile NaaS service:



    NaaS Advantages

    A number of advantages are provided by NaaS, some of which are stated below:

    Cost Reduction

    Network as a Service implementation can significantly reduce many IT costs. Not limited to infrastructure,hardware and software but also provide meaningful savings across maintenance and support.

    Bandwidth Utilization

    Customers only have to pay when necessary for high-capacity networks.


    Each customer is autonomous and is able to segregate the network.

    Adding new service elements

    The introduction of new service elements into the network is very straightforward.

    Ease of Support

    More open support models exist, which help to reduce the cost of operations.

    Proactive Maintenance

    Major problems can be avoided using proactive continuous monitoring services.


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