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    Internet and the Web

    The web and the internet aren’t the same thing. Surprise! Surprise! (If you already know this just move on to the next section)

    The web is a network of networks, plenty of them. They include school and enterprise networks, mobile networks, also satellites. The internet is what brings all of them together.

    The World Wide Web, or just the Web, enables us to use the Internet to access all these networks. Other systems that use the internet for information transfer include applications such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger for email and messaging. And let’s not ignore the Bitcoin blockchain technology, which also distributes data across the internet.

    There are even more of these schemes, including the cloud, for instance! The knowledge you consume from the cloud has been transmitted over the internet to you. At the same time, this data can be accessed from a database that is hosted on the internet.

    So it is really interconnected and interdependent.

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