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    Grid Computing

    Distributed computing is also referred to as Grid Computing. Computing infrastructure across various sites are linked together to achieve a common goal. These computing resources are usually of varied types and are typically spread far apart.

    Complex tasks are broken into smaller pieces by Grid Computing. These smaller pieces are spread over CPUs that are located within the grid.

    Let’s look at an example here. When an electrical fan or any other device that runs on electricity is switched on, do we stop to consider where the electricity is coming from? It usually is something that does not concern us; as long as the power is available and can operate our devices. But to supply this electricity to us; there lies behind it a network. A link that includes many components – starting with the power generating stations that produce the electricity, the power lines that carry this electricity, the transformers that step-up or step-down the voltage as needed and the various transmission stations that this electricity travels through before it makes its way to our homes.

    All these parts come together to make what we call a ‘Power Grid’. Likewise, ‘Grid Computing’ is the connecting thread that that binds together various computing resources such as PCs, servers, workstations along with multiple storage elements. In order to access these computing resources, Grid Computing also provides the required methodology.

    Grid Computing


    Grid Computing is a middleware for coordinating different IT resources across a network, enabling them to function as a whole. It is more frequently used for scientific research and for educational purposes in universities. For example, take students who are collectively working on another project, require a particular tool and software for design purposes. Now only a few of them may have the necessary credentials to access it. They need to figure out a way in which every student who needs to use this tool can have access to it. To make this tool available to other students on the campus network, they would need to interconnect all the computers on the campus via a grid. By interconnecting all the computers on the campus network through the grid, any student who requires the tool will now be able to access it from their own system and location.

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