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    Access to the Cloud and its services is governed by its deployment level. Based on the needs of the business or the user, the four models that can be subscribed to are :

    – Public

    – Private

    – Hybrid and

    – Community



    Business to Consumer (B2C) transactions utilize the public cloud model. Access to services and systems is readily available to the general public via the Public Cloud. Due to the ease of access provided, Public clouds tend to be less secure to other service models. Businesses, academic institutions or the government usually own, operate and govern resources available in the Public Cloud.


    Access to systems and resources in the confines of an organization is facilitated by a Private Cloud. Because of its private design, it provides enhanced security. The computing infrastructure for one specific company is deployed here. Intra-business interactions make use of Private clouds to a greater extent. The computing resources can be managed, owned and run by the same organization here.


    The Community Cloud enables a cluster of organizations or a community to be able to access needed systems and resources.


    A blend of both private and public clouds is made possible through the Hybrid Cloud. Both B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) interactions can easily be facilitated by the Hybrid cloud model. As the computing resources are linked together by various clouds, this deployment strategy is called hybrid Cloud. The hybrid Cloud manages activities that are critical in nature, requiring a higher level of security through the private Cloud. In contrast, activities that are of a daily transactional nature and are non-critical are managed via the public Cloud.

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