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    The Cloud fundamentally consists of three distinctive layers:

    • Infrastructure,
    • Platforms and
    • Applications

    The various services offered by a cloud can be segregated into these three layers. Controlling access levels of users to the multiple layers of the Cloud is what the cloud computing network’s main objective is.



    The foundation and the base layer of hosting on which everything else is designed. The infrastructure layer contains the physical hardware, the servers, along with memory and storage space. IT administrators are typically the individuals operating this layer.


    The Platform layer is the next layer that is built on the foundational Infrastructure layer. Applications are built on the Platform layer of the Cloud. This layer is also used for the execution of files and is also the layer where identities are handled. Though the most prevalent users of this layer are typically software developers, the latest development platforms that focus on minimal code development have allowed the creation of custom applications by almost anyone.


    All the applications inhabit this layer of the cloud pyramid. It is the most diverse layer of the three. There is an infinite list of choices here, including networking, finance, collaboration, content along with the applications that manage these.

    The two models for cloud computing are indicated below:

    • Deployment Models
    • Service Models


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