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    Cloud Models

    This section provides additional details into the various Cloud models along with some of their advantages and drawbacks.


    In addition to the services mentioned below, IaaS also provides access to essential resources such as physical devices, virtual machines, virtual storage, etc.

    • Storage of virtual machine disc
    • Local Virtual Area Network (VLANs)
    • Load balancers
    • IP Addresses
    • Packages of apps

    Via server virtualization, all of the above tools are made available to end-users. Also, clients access these services in a manner similar to owning them.

    Cloud Models



    IaaS allows Cloud Providers the flexibility to set up their infrastructure across geographical locations in a manner that is cost-effective for them. Since they are all connected seamlessly via the Internet, geographical boundaries are no longer a constraint.

    Some of IaaS’s main benefits are described below:

    • Administrative Access provides complete control through VMs of computing resources.
    • Flexible and effective computer hardware leasing.
    • Portability, Legacy Device Interoperability.

    Administrative Access for complete control of computing resources through VMs

    IaaS enables the user, administrative access to virtual machines, to access computing resources in the following way:

    • User issues commands to the service provider management to run the virtual machine or save data on the server of the Cloud.
    • User issues commands to the virtual machines they own to launch web servers or install new applications.

    Computer Hardware Renting

    Numerous IaaS tools and resources are all made available to users of the service on rent. These services include but are not limited to storage, bandwidth, virtual machines, IP addresses, monitoring and measurement services, firewalls, etc. The user has to pay depending on the amount of time a customer holds a resource. IaaS also offers users the flexibility to run any software of their choice. Users can run any programme, including a customized operating system, as they can be provided with administrator-level access to virtual machines.

    Interoperability and portability for legacy systems

    Legacy systems can be maintained – right from applications and workloads between clouds of IaaS. For example, it is also possible to run network applications such as web servers, e-mail servers that usually run on consumer-owned server hardware, from IaaS cloud VMs.


    IaaS shares PaaS and SaaS problems, such as network dependency and threats depending on the browser. It also has some unique issues associated with it. The following diagram mentions these problems:

    Cloud Models


    Legacy System Vulnerabilities

    Because IaaS enables the customer to run legacy software on the infrastructure of the provider, it also exposes customers to all the security vulnerabilities of such legacy software.

    Virtual machine Sprawl

    Concerning security updates, the VM will become out of date because IaaS enables the user to use the virtual machines in active, suspended and off-state conditions. However, such VMs can be modified automatically by the provider, but this process is demanding and complex.

    VM-level isolation robustness

    IaaS provides individual customers with an isolated environment via hypervisors. The hypervisor is a layer of software that provides virtualization hardware support to divide a physical device into several virtual machines.

    Data Deletion Practices

    The user uses virtual machines that, in turn, use the cloud provider’s common disk resources. It is imperative that the cloud service provider ensure that no data that has been deleted by the previous user of the resource is in any way accessible to the next user. Every bit of deleted residual data must be scrubbed before the resource is hired out to the next user.


    Here are some of the features of the service model for IaaS:

    • Virtual computers with applications pre-installed.
    • Virtual machines with Operating Systems pre-installed (Linux, and Windows operating systems.)
    • Services that are available on demand.
    • It allows copies of specific data to be stored in various places.

    Smooth and seamless upwards and downwards scaling of computing capacity

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