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    So is Cloud computing just a catchphrase that means different things to you and me? Or is it just
    about calling “outsourcing” for IT (information technology) by another jazzier name? Or does it just
    tantamount to meaning that it is any computer service delivered over the web or an identical
    network. There also will be those among us who may identify it as any computer service that isn’t
    confined to the boundaries of their firewall. However, we describe cloud computing, there is no
    question that it makes the most sense, once we stop worrying about abstract concepts and
    semantics. Instead, let’s turn our attention to examples from the real world that are easy to

    A mix of technologies brought together as a network for distributing services and resources is what Cloud Computing is all about. Delivering on-demand services utilizing distributed hardware and software resources without the end-users having to manage the network or its resources.

    All an Internet connection along with your computer or device is all you need, and you can utilize these online resources. You could be located anywhere, and it would not matter and neither do you have to worry about taking care of expensive infrastructure.

    Cloud computing means that all the computing resources you need are made accessible to you as a
    service by another company. Typically configured in a manner that is entirely transparent and
    unobtrusive and accessed over the internet. So, all your computing needs are now a packaged
    service. To you, as a user – exactly where all the hardware and software is found and the way it all
    works doesn’t interest you — it’s just somewhere up there within the indeterminate “cloud” that the web represents.

    Since software is no longer installed on your computer, cloud computing is able to get over issues related to dependency on native platforms.


    Nowadays, ‘The Cloud’ is there everywhere.

    To prevent fraud, companies offering financial services are utilizing the Cloud to facilitate prevention and detection of such transactions in real-time. Multi-player games that can be played by thousands of players at the same time across the globe are being developed and offered by game development companies. The Cloud is also being used by companies providing Healthcare service to create customized protocols for treatment.

    Let’s look at a few more examples of businesses whose predominant services have been radically enhanced due to the emergence of the Cloud:

    • Netflix, Streaming entertainment content
    • Airbnb, Online vacation rental marketplace
    • Zoom, tools for team communication
    • Spotify, Audio content streaming
    • Zynga, Play online

    And so many more

    You may have used a few or a number of these services without even realizing that these services may not have been made possible without the Cloud.

    Across all these services, you will find that:

    1. They are all on-demand, which means that they are accessible whenever you need them.
    2. You need not be anywhere near or be physically present at the network location of the provider to obtain access.
    3. You do not need to manage the service in any way actively.

    While some networks are used predominantly for data storage, others use computing resources to operate complex applications. In contrast, some use it to offer services, such as managing domains and hosting websites.

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