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    Cloud Computing Tenets


    Cloud providers are responsible for controlling resources and their efficiency. Management of Cloud Computing involves multiple facets of cloud computing, such as performance monitoring, balancing loads scheduling backup, monitoring storage capacity and overseeing deployment, etc. Management is needed in order to access the full functionality of cloud services.

    Activities for Cloud Management

    To ensure the optimal usage of cloud resources, Cloud Management requires a range of activities to be carried out by the cloud provider. We’ll cover some of these activities here:

    Audits of Backups

    A timely audit of the backups is needed to ensure that you can restore randomly selected files from various users successfully. It is possible to do backups in the following ways:

    • Backup of data by the company, from on-site machines to cloud-based disks
    • The cloud service providers backups data.

    With respect to backups, users of the system must be aware of :

    • If the cloud provider has encrypted the backed-up data,
    • who has access to that information,
    • the locations where backups are being maintained

    Data Flow

    A diagram describing a comprehensive process flow should be created by the managers. The movement of company data in the cloud solution will be depicted by this process flow.

    Vendor Lock-In

    Managers must be aware of the protocol for quitting the services of a specific cloud provider. Procedures must be in place to allow administrators to export company data to a file and import it to another provider.

    Service Providers Security Protocols

    Managers should be familiar with the provider’s security protocols for various services:

    • Use of multitenants
    • Processing e-commerce transactions
    • Screening of workers
    • Policy on encryption

    Scalability and Capacity Monitoring

    In order to ensure whether or not the cloud provider can fulfil the potential capacity requirement for their organization, managers should understand how the capacity is planned. Scaling capabilities also need to be monitored and is often needed in order to ensure that services can be scaled up or down as required by the customer.

    Audit Log Monitoring

    Managers must inspect the logs on a regular basis in order to detect errors in the system.

    Quality Control of solution

    In order to verify that it gives the right result and is error-free, it is important to evaluate the solutions given by the provider. For a system to be stable and efficient, this is critical.

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