Cloud Computing-Architecture

There are many cloud components in the Cloud Computing architecture, each of which is loosely combined.

We can divide the cloud architecture broadly into two parts:

  • Front End
  • Back End

Each end is connected, usually via a network through the Internet. The following diagram displays a graphical view of the architecture of cloud computing:

Cloud Computing-Architecture



As the name suggests, the client-facing (user side) of the cloud computing system is referred to as the Front End. It consists of interfaces and applications, such as the Web Browser, which are needed to access cloud computing platforms.


Back End refers to the real Cloud. It consists of all the equipment and processes needed to provide services for cloud computing. This includes large data storage, virtual machines, security systems, utilities, models of deployment, servers, etc.

Relevant Points

The back end is responsible for supplying built-in protection systems, traffic control and protocols.
The server uses specific protocols, referred to as middleware, to allow the connected devices to interact with each other.

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