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    In various ways, Cloud Computing, a still emerging and growing technology, has raised many challenges. Some of the major challenges faced are shown in the diagram below:

    Security & Privacy

    The biggest problem facing Cloud Computing is information security and privacy. Through using encryption, security hardware and security applications, concerns related to privacy and application security can be resolved to a great extent.


    Migration from one cloud platform to another still poses a significant challenge for users. While vendor lock-in needs to be minimized it is still an uphill task, since each cloud provider uses various standard languages for their platforms.


    Cross-platform integration is another challenge that users of cloud platforms face. Through web-services combination of applications from various service providers should be made available on a single platform.

    Efficient Computing

    High network bandwidth, which results in higher costs, is needed to deliver data-intensive cloud applications. When bandwidth gets constrained, performance of cloud based applications suffer as it is unable to cope up with the load that the application demands.

    Reliability and Availability

    Cloud platforms need to be efficient and scalable, since most organizations are now becoming reliant on third-party providers.


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