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    The usage of cloud computing now traverses every industry domain. We can see cloud computing technologies being utilized every day in a range of industries right from – the entertainment industry to Banking, from Financial service providers to Utility providers, from Art and Education to Management services, from Healthcare Providers to Traffic and Transportation systems. The range of industries is enormous.

    In this section, let us look at some of the commonly recognized cloud computing applications :

    Applications for managing Company operations

    Organizations now use a variety of Cloud based applications to manage their marketing, operational and financial needs. By using this mix and match technique – organizations are now able to make better use of their resources to create the perfect bouquet of applications that server their requirements. It is no longer a one size fits all scenario and it makes the best use of constrained resources too. Let us look at some of the common apps that companies across the globe use for this purpose.

    1. MailChimp – It provides a publishing site for e-mail. It is commonly used by organizations to design and distribute their e-mail campaigns.
    2. Chatter – The Chatter app allows workers to exchange vital organizational knowledge in real time. With regard to any problem, one can get an instant feed.
    3. Chatter – The Chatter app allows workers to exchange vital organizational knowledge in real time. With regard to any problem, one can get an instant feed.
    4. QuickBooks – It provides companies with online accounting solutions. It helps to monitor cash flow, produce returns on VAT and generate Purchase orders, invoices and numerous business reports.

    Backup and Data Storage applications

    A number of cloud based applications are available that provide data storage and backup services to the cloud. Some of them are Box.com, Carbonite, Joukuu.

    1. Box.com – Box.com provides file drag-and-drop services. All a user needs to do is to place their files in the Box for it to be accessible from any location across the world.
    2. Carbonite – Carbonite offers simple, safe and secure data backup facilities for small organizations.
    3. Joukuu – Joukuu is an interface based on the internet. A single list of content for files saved in Google Docs, Box.net and Dropbox can be viewed.

    Applications for Management

    Numerous applications are now available for organizations to assist in routine management and operational activities. For management activities, such as time-sheet management, Notes capture and tracking, there are a number of applications available. We look at some of them below:

    1. Toggl – Toggl helps to monitor the time span allocated to a specific project. It aids in time tracking and capture across projects.
    2. Evernote – One of the most popular note capturing applications. It is available across multiple platforms and syncs across all of them. Evernote categorizes notes and also brings with it Optical Character reader (OCR) capabilities. It can capture textual content from pictures apart from robust search capabilities that enable users to quickly locate the notes they are looking for.
    3. Outright – An accounting app that helps users to track revenue, expenditures, gains and losses; all in real time.

    Social Networking

    The emergence of the smartphone and the lower costs of bandwidth have proved to be a boon for Social Networking applications. These cloud based applications are now one of the most popular services to utilize the incredible potential of the cloud. We look at a couple of the most popular ones here.

    1. Facebook – The social networking service is provided by Facebook. Photos, images, records, status, and much more can be exchanged.
    2. WhatsApp – Now owned by Facebook. It is the premier messaging app across devices and also allows VoIP calling.
    3. Twitter – Twitter helps to connect with public at large directly. Any celebrity, company or individual who is on Twitter can be followed and can have their latest updates posted in real time.

    Applications for Entertainment

    1. Netflix – The premier cloud based entertainment service provider that streams a wide variety of entertainment content onto various connected devices.
    2. Amazon Prime Video – Another offering from the cloud services behemoth – Amazon. Amazon Prime video offers streaming and on-demand entertainment content.
    3. Audiobox.fm – This provides a streaming service, i.e. your music can be stored digitally and accessed from the cloud using the media player of the service itself.

    Applications for Design and Art

    1. Moo – It provides design services such as business card design and printing, postcards and mini-cards.
    2. Doodly – Whiteboard animation software that allows users to create doodle videos using just drag and drop capabilities.
    3. Toonly – Provides users the ability to create professional quality animated explainer videos.


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