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    What is Cloud Computing?

    Cloud Computing is characterized as the storage and access of data and computing resources over the Internet. It doesn’t store your personal computer with any info. It is the availability on demand of computer resources such as servers, storage of data, networking, databases, etc. Cloud computing’s primary aim is to offer multiple users access to data centers. Users have access to their data from a server which may be remotely located halfway across the globe.

    Cloud computing is the distribution of IT services with a pay-as-you-go pricing model across the internet on-demand. You can access IT assets such as various software and apps, servers and databases from a cloud service provider using cloud computing technologies.

    Cloud-based storage makes it possible to store files in a remote database, not to put a lot of burden on your local infrastructure, and can be accessed with a compatible computer or software program.

    Recently we have seen cloud computing services stage a meteoric rise. Their popularity has improved multifold. Organizations, irrespective of their size have embraced cloud computing technology and due to a variety of factors, such as better productivity, cost reductions across software and infrastructure, increased speed with improved efficiency, performance and security.

    What is Cloud Computing

    Some of the better known Cloud Service providers today in addition to Amazon Web Services (AWS), are Salesforce’s CRM framework and Microsoft Azure.All these service providers offer public cloud offerings.

    In addition, organizations are now using more than one cloud provider for outstanding features.

    Gartner envisages that the cloud services industry will rise to $278.3 billion in 2021. IDC expects a market value of $370 billion in 2022. Just a decade ago, no one would ever have believed the staggering growth that cloud computing technologies would achieve. It was just another fad. But there can be no doubt today that cloud computing is a very important and growing segment in the computing world. 


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