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    Feature of C programming Language

    The C programming language is the procedural language, which has low-level access to memory that is the simple set of keywords. This language is robust with the rich and broad library set of built-in functions and operators for various purpose.

    eature of C programming Language

    Figure: Various Features of C language.

    These features are mainly used to write complex programs. C programming language compiler combines the ability of assembly language with the high-level language. The programs or codes which are written in this C language are fast and efficient to the user.Some important features of the C language are given below:

    • Memory Management

      The C programming language supports various functions for memory management and allocation. The malloc and calloc functions are the reserved space in the memory, and the realloc function is used to move the reserved space or block of memory to another location of different dimensions in C language. These three functions of the C programming language are found in the stdlib library.

    • High-level C programming language feature

      This C language provides durable and rich library set of built-in functions that are used to write the complicated codes or programs for different purpose by the programmers. There are several types of high-level languages like C, FORTRAN, and pascal.

      The high-level languages enable the coder or programmer to write more or less independent codes to the different types of computers for software development purposes. Most programmers consider high-level language because these kinds of languages are closer to human languages and farther from the machine language for various purposes.

    • Structured programming language

      C programming language can easily solve large and complicated problems due to its structure feature. This language can divide the program into small structural blocks, and each block handles the user’s responsibility as per the requirements. Some important structural blocks are given below:

      • The blocks of decision-making statements like if-else and switch cases blocks.
      • C language has several repetitive blocks such as for loop, while-loop, and do-while loop.
      • Function declaration blocks / procedures.
    • Faster language

      The C programming language is designed in that particular way, which makes it faster than other languages. The Fortran language is faster than the C programming language in numerical calculations because of its memory handling feature.

    • Pointer

      The pointer is the variable in C language that holds the address of another variable with the same data type in the particular program. The C pointers are mainly used to access the memory and address manipulation in the entire procedure.

      Pointers are the separate and exciting concept of C programming language, which offers power and flexibility to the programmers while creating codes.

    • Rich library

      The C programming language provides robust libraries and functions, and it is also an expanded language. This C language offers built-in operators that are used to writing complex code or programs.

    • Recursion

      If any code or program permits the user to call any inside the similar function, then this procedure is known as recursive call of the function in C programming language.

    • Extensible language

      The codes or programs of C programming language are faster and efficient due to the variety of data types and various powerful operators. The C programming language is highly portables, which means that the written code or program can be easily executed on another machine with little or no alteration in the particular code.

    eature of C programming Language

    Figure: Extensible C based programming language and IDE for the embedded systems.

    C programming language can extend itself because the C program is the collection of several functions that are supported by the library of C programming. The user can create his function in this language and add it to C programming language.

    It also offers support for writing efficient codes that are not adequate for defining the higher level of abstraction related to the embedded systems. There is a stacking technology that supports the extension of the C programming language with the constructions for embedded systems. C Language extension can address the challenges of the embedded software development in a particular procedure.

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