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    C Strings

    The one-dimensional range of characters is called strings, which is terminated by a null personality ‘\0’. A string is a one-dimensional array of characters in C language. These are usually used to create meaningful and also understandable programs.

    For Example, The string “hello world” has 12 characters including ‘\ 0’ character which is automatically included by the compiler at the end of the string.

    Declaring and Initializing a String variable

    -To Declaration a string variable in C programming

    Syntax: char name[x];

    Where, the name is a variable name and x is a size.

    -To Initialize a string variable in C

    Syntax: char name [x] = {a,b,c,….};
    String Input and Output

    Input function scanf() can be used with %s layout specifier to review a string input from the incurable. There is one problem with scanf() function, it terminates its input on the first white area it experiences. As a result, if you try to read an input string “Hi World” utilizing scanf() function, it will only read Hello there as well as end after encountering white spaces.

    For Example:

    C Strings


    C Strings
    String Handling Functions

    C language supports several string handling that can be made use of to carry out a number of the string adjustments. These functions are packaged in a string.h library. Therefore, you need to include string.h header file in your programs to make use of these functions.

    There are the following String Handling Function:

    Methods Description
    strcat() It is used to combine the two strings
    strlen() It is used to show the length of a string
    strrev() It is used to reserve the string
    strcpy() It is used to copy the data from one string to another
    strcmp() It is used for comparing the two strings

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