Advantages of Django

The Django project is to implement the design philosophies. These are some of the main advantages of Django which sets it apart from other frameworks.

  1. Loose Coupling

    Django framework is loosely coupled and tightly bound such that various layers of the framework need not “know” about each other unless absolutely necessary. This also gives Django a security advantage over other frameworks.

  2. Lesser Code

    Django takes full advantage of pre-written apps and thus have much less code to write yourself.

    Also, Django is written from scratch without the use of any libraries in python although you will get lots of functions common in Django. Those libraries Django’s code is more optimized for web uses thus is much more efficient.

  3. Doesn’t Repeat

    Multiple copies of anything use more storage and give less functionality and on the web, bulkier the code more is the bandwidth it takes of the end-user.

    This coding practice is common practice but Django takes it a level further. It also has applications written for all of the tasks that you may ever need. Thus you don’t have to write anything that repeats in other websites rather just focus on your own website.

  4. Consistency

    The main work of the web-applications is that they are the mediators between different technologies. Also, the framework is consistent at all levels and functions with the same consistency. It happens even if the model becomes too big or the project is small.

  5. Versatile

    Django effectively completes all the activities like management of content, scientific computing platforms, and even big organizations.

Companies which are using Django

Many big names extensively use Django that you must be using. Although they change the framework a lot and utilize it according to their needs but at the core itsDjango.

Among the biggest Websites using Django, we have:

  1. Instagram

    One of the biggest social media apps out there, Instagram is a very popular social app. Django is at the core of Instagram and they have just become a gold-level sponsor of the Django Software Foundation (DSF).

    Django has great integration with other technologies like iOS and Android apps. Therefore it enables Instagram to launch quickly and handle millions of active users at the same time.

  2. Disqus

    One of the largest Django projects out there, the developers used python and Django to build the Disqus app from scratch. They wanted their websites to be able to handle a huge number of active users at the same time.

    They also made sentry, an app that checks for errors and this is a state-of-the-art technology also based on Django.

  3. Spotify

    Spotify has transformed the way we listen to the music and it does so by using machine-learning implementations via python. The extensive song libraries and training are under python-based AI.

    To integrate things, it uses Django for its web-applications and thus, you get a full python experience on Spotify.

  4. YouTube

    World’s largest video hosting platform which encompasses anything you can imagine and is a great way to watch content, for entertainment, for learning and what not. They were using PHP before, but now they are shifting towards Django.

    The reason is that it allows for more rapid development and is capable of handling a huge number of active users. At the same time, maintaining the security and speed of the website.

    For more examples you can visit the Django Sites database, they offer a list of over 5000 Django-powered Web sites.

    Now, in the Django tutorial, we will discuss various advantages of Django.

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