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    Creating IAM Roles

    Creating Roles for AWS service

    It Creating IAM Roles for an AWS service, follows the steps which are discussed as follows:

      1. Sign in to the AWS Management Console with the suitable credentials. An IAM user must have adequate benefits to create IAM resources (that is, user, group, policy, and so on).
      2. Select IAM under Security, Identity & Compliance group from the AWS dashboard. It will take the user to an IAM dashboard.
      3. Select Roles from an IAM dashboard.
      4. Select Create New Role as a display in the following figure:
    Creating IAM Roles
      1. Give a vital role name with a maximum of 64 characters display as in figure:
    Creating IAM Roles
      1. Select role type as AWS Service Roles as given in the following figure.

    AWS Service Roles: It is allotted to AWS resource including EC2, RDS, Redshift,etc. It supports them privileges to implement several operations on required AWS services based on permissions granted on the role.

    Role for Cross-Account Access: It is used for setting up a trust relationship between multiple AWS accounts.

    Role for Identity Provider Access: External IdPs use it for federated authentication.

      1. Subsequent steps appear based on the selection in the previous step. Since we are here exploring the role for AWS service (EC2), select AWS Service Roles and click on Select
        against Amazon EC2 which is appeared as follows:
    Creating IAM Roles
      1. Attach Policy, as per the permissions needed by the application hosted on EC2. The policy can include permissions for acquiring S3 bucket, RDS, DynamoDB table, or some other AWS services according to the application needs. Policies can be selected from the screen as display in the following figure:
    Creating IAM Roles
      1. At last Review and click on Create Role as appeared in the following figure. This is the concluding step in creating an IAM role for an AWS service. We can assign this role to an EC2 instance while releasing a new instance.
    Creating IAM Roles


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