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    AWS Management Console

    The AWS management console is the central area from where we can access all the Amazon services. The management console has a connection to the following:

    Amazon Web Services

    This is a dashboard view that records all the AWS services presently available in a particular Amazon region. Clicking on someone of these releases the dashboard for the selected service, as display in the following screenshot:

    AWS Management Console

    Shortcuts for Amazon Web Services

    On the console management screen, we can generate shortcuts of usually accessed services through the Edit option, as a display inside the following screenshot:

    AWS Management Console

    Account-Related Information

    This enables us to access our account-related information. This contains security credentials required to access the AWS resources by our software. The Billing and Cost Management option provides us real-time data on our current month’s billing; this facilitates in managing costs, as a display inside the following screenshot:

    AWS Management Console

    Amazon regions

    This option permits us to access the AWS in a particular region. In the following screenshot, all the Amazon Web Services are based in the US East (N. Virginia) region:

    AWS Management Console


    We can navigate to the Help, Forums, and support pages:

    AWS Management Console

    Service Health

    Releases the health dashboard of all the Amazon Web Services across all regions, and not of our deployed service:

    AWS Management Console

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