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    Types of Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial intelligence is divide into three different stages.

    1. Artificial Narrow Intelligence.
    2. Artificial General Intelligence.
    3. Artificial Super Intelligence.
    What is AI?

    Artificial Narrow Intelligence-

    It is also known as week AI. It can perform only specific tasks with intelligence. So, many currently existing systems that claim to use artificial intelligence are operating as week AI focused on the narrowly defined specific problem. Right now, we are at the stage of narrow artificial Intelligence or weak AI.

    Google search engine, self-driving cars, Apple Siri, falls under the category of weak AI.


    Alexa is a perfect example of weak AI. It operates within an unlimited pre-defined range of functions. There is no real intelligence or self-awareness against being a practical example of weak AI.

    All the major AI technologies that we see are narrow artificial intelligence. We don’t have any machines which are capable of thinking and reasoning like a human being. Till now, we have not reached artificial general intelligence or artificial super intelligence.

    Artificial General Intelligence-

    General Intelligence is also known as strong AI. It can perform any creative task as a human being can.

    The machine does not possess human-like abilities. They have a powerful processing unit that can perform high-level computations. Still, until now, they are not capable of doing the simple and most reasonable things that human beings can. All over the world, the researches team focused on developing a General AI machine.

    Developing a system like general AI takes a lot of achievement and time to develop like systems.

    Artificial Super Intelligence-

    In this stage of intelligence, super Intelligence systems machines can surpass human intelligence. They get the capability to perform any task better than humans. Like Terminator Movie.

    It is an imaginary concept of artificial intelligence, but many people guess that artificial super intelligence will take over the world in 2040.


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