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    Programming Languages for AI

    Now we discuss different programming languages for AI.

    There are so many languages that are using Artificial Intelligence.

    The following are the top five programming languages for AI.






    What is AI?


    Python is the most famous language for artificial intelligence. It also says the most useful language for AI. It was created in 1989. It is a very easy programing language and easy to grasp. Nowadays, many developers prefer to use python, and a lot of data scientists are also comfortable with the python language. It is best because the syntaxes that belong to python are very simple and can learn very quickly. Python is an interpreted, object-oriented, high-level programming language, and it can be easily implemented. Many AI algorithms and machine learning algorithms can easily be implemented in python because there are a lot of libraries that are pre-defined functions for these algorithms. We can only call that function; we don’t have to code the algorithm.

    So python is considered the best choice for artificial intelligence.
    With python stands R, which is a statistical programming language. R is one of the most useful languages and environments for analyzing and manipulating the data for statistical purposes. It is also the easiest programming language to learn. Syntaxes of R is very similar to the English language. It also has so many libraries that support statistics, data science, AI, machine learning, etc. It also has pre-defined functions for machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, and so on. It is also an excellent choice to get started with programming languages for machine learning or AI.


    Java is the most widely used programming language in the world. It can also consider the right choice for AI development. Java is easy to use for fast debugging, portable, and automatic memory manager. Artificial Intelligence has a lot to do with the search Algorithm, artificial neural network, and genetic programming, and java provides all these benefits. There is simplified work with large scale projects. Java has the swing and standard widget toolkit (SWT), which makes good user interaction and graphical representation of data.

    Graphical virtualization is an essential part of AI, or data science, or machine learning. So java is the best AI programing language.


    LISP (list processing) is the oldest and most suited language for the development of artificial intelligence. LISP programing language was developed in 1959 by John McCarthy, also known as the father of artificial intelligence. LISP language was design for easy to manipulation of data strings.

    It has the capability of processing symbolic expression, which makes it convenient for AI applications. Excellent prototyping capabilities. It is easy, and it creates dynamic objects with a lot of content. But over the years and a lot of advancements, many the features have shifted to many other languages. That is why many people do not go for LISP. Nowadays, there are many new languages which have more useful features or better packages have launched.


    Prolog stands for “Programming in logic” is another AI programming language that is also one of the oldest ones. It was invented in 1970 by a French computer scientist named Alain Colmerauer. It is used frequently in the knowledge base and expert systems. It provides features like pattern matching, freebase data structuring, automatic backtracking, and so on. These features provide a compelling and flexible programming framework. It is widely used in medical projects and also for designing expert AI systems.


    C++ was developed in 1980, by Bjarne Stroustrup. In the year 1983, for AI project is a C++ programming language.

    It has complex syntax. It is not our first choice for AI programming languages, but when working on an embedded environment and cannot afford java virtual machine (JVM), it is the perfect option.

    It has small standard libraries and does not support garbage collection.
    It has time-consuming to develop and hard to maintain large C++ projects.
    That is the reason most people avoid C++ in artificial intelligence.

    Only Google chrome is used only C++ in artificial programming for search engine optimization (SEO) and ranking purpose.

    Apart from this, we have Saas, JavaScript, MATLAB, Julia. All of these languages are considered suitable for artificial intelligence.

    NOTE-Now all of these language Python is best for artificial intelligence. Python has all the possible packages, and it is effortless to understand and easy to learn.
    It is free and open-source.

    It is portable, means we can use it on any platform like Linux, Windows, IOS, Macintosh, etc.

    It supports different programming paradigms like object-oriented and procedure-oriented programming, and extensible means it can invoke C and C++ libraries.
    Python is used to develop data science algorithms, machine learning algorithms, and IoT projects.

    The advantages of python are less coding when it comes to AI or machine learning because there are ready-made packages, pre-defined packages that have all the functions and algorithms stored. PiBrain used for machine learning, NumPy is used for scientific computation, Pandas, and so on. There are so many libraries in python.


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