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    Applications of AI

    What is AI?

    Nowadays, we have more computation power, so it requires a lot of computing power. Recently, many advances have made, and complex deep learning models are deployed, and one of the most significant technologies that made this possible are GPU’s.

    The following are the sectors where AI is using:-

    1. AI in health care.

      In the last two to three years, AI is beneficial for the Health care industry. Its analysis is better than humans. Like provide medical information, make staff rotation, heart sound analysis, and so on.

    2. AI in social media.

      There is billions of user uses social media sites. AI helps to store huge data inefficiently way.

    3. AI in e-Commerce.

      The e-commerce industry competes for the e-commerce industry, and now it is very demanding for this business. It helps the customer to identify merchandise with the selected color, size, and brand.

    4. AI in Gaming.

      AI is used for Gaming purposes. The chess game is an excellent example of AI machines to think about a large number of possible moves.

    5. AI in banking.

      In banking purposes, AI is used to organize operations (Debit & Credit transactions), invest in stock for sale and purchase, manages properties.

    6. AI in Education.

      In education, AI plays a virtual tutor role for students. AI chatbot can communicate with the student as a teaching assistant.

    7. AI in Entertainment.

      In entertainment music industry uses AI. As the composition of songs, performance, music theory, and sound processing are significant areas where artificial intelligence is focusing.

    8. AI in the Automobile Industry.

      In the Automobile industry, AI also plays a role like self-driving cars. AI implements computer vision, image detection, deep learning, to build cars that can automatically detect any objects or any obstacles and drive around without human intervention.


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