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    Features of Angular JS

    Following are the characteristics of Angular JS:

    • Data Binding
    • Architecture
    • Directives
    • Not Browser Specific
    • Less Code
    • Speed and Performance
    • Dependency Injection
    • Deep Linking
    • Routing
    • Productivity
    Data Binding

    We don’t need to write different code to perform the data binding functionality in an angular application. By adding some snippets of code, we can easily bind data from HTML control to application data. Any extra code is not written to tie with HTML control.


    An angular application is built using MVC architecture that stands for Model View and Controller. It separates the application into three parts model part, the view part and the controller part as per the components of MVC architecture. Using this, architecture presentation part, logic part and application data part is split into the separate section, which allows managing the application very fluently.


    View of Angular JS, mix data from a model into HyperText Markup Language templates. Angular JS directives are used for the same purpose. It tells how to combine data into the HTML template. With the use of directive, we can provide extra functionality to our angular application. Angular provides a way to create custom directives too.

    Not Browser Specific

    Angular applications are not browser-specific means there is no browser constraint on an angular application.

    • It can run on all major browsers except internet explorer 8.0 and smartphones, including Android and IOS based phones/tablets.
    • It claims to support “CLASS A” browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE8.
    Less Code
    • A programmer can write less and perform more functionalities with the same code.
    • Filters in angular provide the functionality of write less do more. The various filters in angular are uppercase, lowercase, currency etc. You can use the filter and easily format the data.
    Speed and Performance

    Speed and performance of angular are faster because of three things:

    • Code Generation –

      When you are writing code using angular, it converts your template into highly optimized code that gives you an advantage of handwritten code with framework productivity.

    • Universal –

      The first view of your application on .net, PHP, node.js, and other servers that are now dependent on HTML CSS for their front end serves using angular.

    • Code Splitting –

      Its new component router loads angular app quickly. It provides the ability of automatic code-splitting too. Therefore only that code is loaded, which is requested to render the view.

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    Dependency Injection
    • This built-in injection helps in developing the application quickly as well as is easy to understand.
    • It supports an application easier to test.
    • Whenever angular JS detect that you need a service, then it immediately provides an instance for that.
    • It allows you to ask for your dependencies rather than go look for them or make it by yourself.
    Deep Linking
    • It allows to bookmarks the web page. The page gets saved by its URL without getting its state changed.
    • Whenever a user makes the request for that page it will get displayed in the same state as before.
    • Routing allows the switching between views.
    • A single page application ngRoute directive provided by angular helps users navigate from one view to another, but the application will remain a single page. It means without reloading the angular application, and you can switch to different pages in your application.
    • Template –

      Template in the angular application allows a developer to create a user interface quickly as it provides simple and powerful template syntax.

    • Angular CLI –

      It is a command-line tool. It starts building an application very fast. It adds components, tests it and then deploys it instantly.

    • IDE –

      Intelligent code completion is possible through IDE. It will find instant errors and provides other feedback too.

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